Movie Review…11 Minutes Ago

Okay, so I enjoy independent films….although, some of them can be pretty WACK! If you find a good one, it’s worth sharing. That being said, I just finished watching the movie “11 MINUTES AGO” on netflix….Here goes:

“11 Minutes Ago- Time traveler Pack comes from 48 years in the future to the present to collect samples of air. Complications arise when he drops in at a wedding reception and falls in love with a bridesmaid, even though he can stay for only 11 minutes per journey.” -netflix

This movie, which won 3 awards in 2007, is a classic “boy meets girl, falls for girl, tries to get girl” movie with a very unique twist to it. The cinematography was very well done to the point that I was suprised to learn that it was all shot in one day and with a very limited budget!!

While the movie does start slow, it picks up the momentum to the point that one needs to finish it in order to have that sense of completion and understanding. You very quickly come to see things from the main character’s point of view and find yourself routing for him and hoping he makes the decision that we all want him to make! Will he leave his “future” to stay in this time frame to be with this girl? The ending credits give you more to the story in case you weren’t able to get it during the film.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the film. While it was very intriguing, it took a little time to get going and keep my attention. Once it did….the character’s interactions and involvment were of such that I was entranced with them and obsessed with knowing how it all played out.

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy. Happy watching!

The Spider’s Score6 out of 10 stars “11 MINUTES AGO”


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