Shrek 4…..The final chapter! Finally….

…Finally there’s a great Shrek sequel…

Shrek! The jolly green ogre comes to the big screen one final time! This sequel is a fantastic addition to the Shrek stories of fairytale and is a wonderfully written final chapter. The setting and feel of this movie takes you back to the original and, in a sense, ties it all together.

I will be the first to tell you that I despised Shrek3! I thought that the writers had gotten away from the essence of the Shrek story and it’s characters; and instead, got caught up in including as many parodies into the film as possible. Shrek4 returned my faith in the writers, and the story was more the focus instead of the parodies and cheap laughs.

This last installment reminded me of the classic Christmas movie: It’s a Wonderful Life…as the main character got to see what the world might be like if he hadn’t been in the lives of those around him. He catches a glimpse of what most people wish they could…..a life of “What Ifs…..?” leading him to try to get back to his life with his family afterall.

When it comes to the characters…..Great job! The humanity of Shrek makes him very relatable to the viewing audience. I loved the craftiness of the villian, Rumplestilkin….and the fact that he was short (just like Lord Farquad in Shrek1). And of course, no one can stifle the laughs that are generated from watching Donkey, Puss in Boots, and even the Gingerbread Man, in this movie! All of the characters make this a very fun movie to watch for all ages.

Go see Shrek4. I loved it. Enjoyed it alot more than I thought I would. In my opinion…Shrek4 is second only to the original in the series. It does a great justice to this old, but new fairytale!

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

The Spider’s Score8 out of 10 stars “Shrek 4: The Final Chapter


  1. Shrek 5 on the horizons or was 4 really it? I haven’t watched the films since Shrek 2. Saw bits of 3 and hated it too. Haven’t been able to bring myself to watch any of them since.


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