The Prince of Persia: Royally good, or royally bad??

For all of those fans of the video game franchise Prince of Persia, you can finally thank Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer for achieving what most have failed to accomplish: Make a good video game based movie!! After disappointments such as Max Payne, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, Tomb Raider, Hitman, Doom, Bloodrayne, (just to name a FEW), Prince of Persia shows that some video games can be brought to the silver screen and do justice to it’s respective franchise.

Gyllenhaal’s performance as Destan, the adopted son of King Sharaman of Persia, allows you to overlook the fact that he is not of Persian descent. He fills the role as the reluctant hero with enough action for the guys to enjoy and that little bit of love interest tossed in for the girls to love. The story, while mostly predictable, has a few twists and turns….just enough to keep you on your toes. The time-altering dagger that Prince Destan wields throughout the movie is the source of power that he must protect from the enemy in order to save the world from imminent destruction. But in order to do so, he must employ the help of the beautiful guardian of the dagger (the Princess Tamina) and several other characters along the way. Sound familiar? I told you the plot was somewhat predictable.

The film has a “Mummy-esque” feel to it for several reasons. Plot, location, character types, humor. But I did enjoy the film. Prince Destan jumps through the cities and over obstacles just like in the video game…staying true to form- which is what was most impressive to me. I felt as if I was watching someone playing the game, with cinematics in between levels. Take your xbox controller to the theater with you! You may enjoy the movie even more!!!!  While this may disappoint some viewers, I believe it to be a strongpoint to this film.

Overall, I enjoyed the film, but, it wasn’t absolutely amazing!! Great videogame based movie, but it lacked more substance to the plot. The cinematics were beautiful. The casting worked well. Even the special effects were not distracting. But, if I never watch this movie again my life won’t fall apart! Go see it! Especially if you are a fan of the game. You won’t feel like you did when you went to watch Dragonball Z: the movie! I promise!

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

The Spider’s Score: 7 out of 10 stars “The Prince of Persia”


  1. Excellent movie. Great action scenes, story, and PARKOUR. Plus, I’ll admit that I peed a little when he did a wall run in the market chase scene. I was at first hesitant when I heard the casting of BUBBLE BOY as the lead but was ecstatic to see shots where he LOOKED like the PRINCE come to life (and you’ll recognize these shots because the director slowed them down for you to enjoy your eye candy). I’m totally grateful Gemma Arterton didn’t drag the movie down this time by just standing there like a mannequin whispering all her lines. She was like the female Orlando Blom in “Clash of the Titans”, much appreciated hot female lead but stiff and monotone; she really stepped it up in this flick. My ONLY REGRET, no trademark booby traps, Gamers know what I mean. I spent the entire movie listening for any rhythmic “snap-hiss” sound effects, but was ultimateky disappointed. I was like, “Come on! Even the LEGO Prince Of Persia sets have spinning bladed clumns and giant saw blades!”. But enough gamer talk, my only valid complaint is that minor plot points get confusing, “Ok so we have to get the dagger here to hide it, NOT destroy it, but if we go here it can destroy the world or set things right, but the holder may die? Wait, who are the guardians? Ok so they’re NOT in the same place? Wait, why are we going back?” and so on. Anyway, despite small misunderstandings, this movie already has a reserved place on my DVD shelf of video game movies right between MORTAL KOMBAT and RESIDENT EVIL.


  2. There are many feelings I have thinking about Prince of Persia, It rates as one of the best games I have ever played, it gave me a thrill and excitement that I had not had with video games before. I was almost too afraid to go see the on screen adaptation of a video game that holds a special place in my gaming career, however, I was more then happy I did. Prince of Persia is the greatest game adaptation I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing! It was an amazing ride with a wide range of emotions built in.

    The character profiles are well done and the actors nailed the parts dead on. I was astonished how well Donnie Darko (Gyllenaal) transformed into Destan on the screen.

    I am truly looking forward to a continuation of this awesome film, which if they can create another plot that is anywhere close to the adaptation they did this time, it will be an amazing series!


  3. I liked this movie as it stood on it’s own. It had an interesting plot, fun action scenes, and good chemistry between the actors. I was/am a huge fan of the game series and was excited to see this being made into a movie. I must admit that I like the game’s story far better. I loved the narration in the game version of the Sands of Time and the surprise at the end of the game when you learn that it is the prince telling the story and who he is telling it to and why… Wish they would’ve kept that for the film.


  4. I enjoyed your review and details about the movie, of note is your focus on the video-game adaptation which I’ve not read many of. From your thoughts and readers posts it appears the movie worked well in that regard. I was amazed at first when I heard about the controversy of the casting choice (btw, if you haven’t seen Jake in Donnie Darko, a must see – will most likely appeal to your gamer audience). I reviewed the film on my blog if you’re interested ( I’m kind of making the rounds and making connections with other reviewers and sites. I didn’t notice, are you part of the LAMB? Good points about the “mummy-esqueness” – It was probably the locations were very similar as well as the soundtrack. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff. Cheers->


    • First off, I truly appreciate you taking the time to read through my review and leave a kind comment. So, thank you.

      Secondly, I, too, was a little leary of Gyllenhaal’s casting. I have only seen bits and pieces of Donnie Darko (it remains on my “Must See” list).

      I will be checking in on your page and review here shortly (I am also making my rounds…hence my ever growing blogroll which serves as a quicklink list for myself). Thank you for reaching out. Look forward to more.

      btw, I am in “pending” status with LAMB. I submitted my application before the Lammies, but have yet to receive news on progress. I’m sure things are busy for them. Hope to see you there too.


      • Indeed. The LAMB is good and bad, good for the exposure and connections, bad in that there’s so much to see! Yes, see you around. Cheers->


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