So, what about that movie Splice?


I’m not even going to waste time writing a review on this one folks. Imagine the worst movie you may have ever seen and multiple that by a million! ABSOLUTE GARBAGE! I don’t even wanna talk about what I just saw….

That’s all.

Review on the movie, Killers, soon to come!

The Spider’s Score-5 out of 10 stars “Splice”

(That’s right! it’s a NEGATIVE 5 out of 10 stars! Didn’t even know that was possible.)

**Had to edit this post and add this last bit in right now, because I felt bad leaving you all without at least one ray of sunshine….so, here’s to another movie that I am really looking forward to. Enjoy. (right click and open in new window if you want to keep this page open also).

Here is a vid of a friend of mine interviewing moviegoers after seeing Splice! Thanks Casey for the vid!


  1. I couldn’t agree more. I was, however, a little more generous and gave this flop a “3” out of “10”. “Splice” gave me a splitting headache !!!


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