Mr. & Mrs. Smith did it!!

No, I’m not talking about the characters played by “Brad-gelina Pitt-olie” in that movie that was beyond belief/reality that I only watched to see Brad Pitt get beat up by Jolie! I am talking about Will and Jada Smith: the co-producers of the latest addition to the “Classic Movie Remake” collection that hit the big screen. The Karate Kid. 

This retelling of the same story, well, let’s just say…I really enjoyed it. I can’t write this review and not talk about Jaden Smith’s performance and how much of his father can be seen in him! But, I have to give props to Jackie Chan. Chan’s role as Mr. Han (note: his name is NOT Mr. Miyagi), is a different role than what we are used to seeing from Chan. Most times we see him performing tons of martial arts and using common household items in his fight scenes. This time Chan’s character has a whole different element added in. He really captured the essence/emotion/reality of Mr. Han, and relays this to the audience in a special way. His relationship with Dre (Jaden’s character) was even more personal than the leading characters in the original. I think I enjoyed that the most in this movie.

Look! I put in a second pic for you all!!! hooray!

If you are expecting to see the same movie that  you have had on VHS sitting right next to “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” and “Rocky” all these years, then you may or may not be pleasantly surprised! The Smith family accomplished a great remake. They included an excellent cast who add their own spin and help to complete it– which I think every retelling needs. Much of it…the little things…will remind you of the classic, but the revisions are done with taste.

Although some of the action seemed a little far-fetched for 12-15yr old kids; and despite the fact that it seemed that the camera crew fell in love with filming Jaden Smith with his shirt off–I thoroughly enjoyed this film. A movie of self-discovery, friendship, determination, trials, triumph, and perseverance! Go see this movie! Great job to Jaden in his first lead role! And Great job Mr. & Mrs. Smith!

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

The Spider’s Score: 8 out of 10 stars “The Karate Kid”

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