The “A” in A-Team is for….

…….”AMAZINGLYFUNFILLEDACTIONPACKEDMOVIE!” (there it is! the longest word you ever saw! 35 letters!!…go ahead…you know you wanna count them) ūüôā

This movie is so much fun to watch! I must say that I didn’t follow the tv series as much as others did..that being may or may not enjoy the film as much as I. But, I have¬†a sneaky suspicion that everyone will enjoy this movie. Long-time fans and newbies alike!

All of the actors cast in this movie work well together, making it the success that it is. And, yes, “Rampage” Jackson did¬†a good job¬†filling in for Mr. T,¬†for all that are concerned. I had so much fun watching the characters and the movie unfold, that, when Jessica Biel showed up, I realized that I had completely forgotten she¬†was in this film!¬†Yeah! No doubt about it though: one character in this movie adds the cherry on top! Murdock! He makes every scene he is in an instant laugh that only adds to the film. Didn’t know that the actor, Sharlto Copley, could do funny after watching him in District 9.

There are a few plots and twists in the movie that do not get resolved! But that can be easily forgiven with all of the action, humor, and mystery¬†that is tossed into the film. If you’re paying close attention, you might be able to guess the plot. And what do you really expect from this kind of movie? The mystery of the century? It is the ingenuity and innovation of the team in this movie¬†that keeps you on your toes. One finds themself wondering “How are they gonna get outta this one?” and “What will they think of next?” It is a lot of fun to see how plans work out in this film.

A-Team is The Italian Job meets McGuyver¬†meets¬†Mission Impossible¬†meets Ocean’s Eleven, with a lot¬†more explosions and just plain fun! Granted, some of the special effects aren’t what they could be, but, oh well…on with the explosions!!!! I hope you enjoy the A-Team! Go see the Soldiers of Fortune! The action never ends!!!

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

The Spider‚Äôs Score:¬†9 out of 10 stars ‚ÄúThe A-Team‚ÄĚ

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  1. This movie was amazing…I absolutely loved it and murdock and B.A. had an amazingly hilarious chemistry together


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