What’s all the Buzz about?

Woody, Buzz, the Potato Heads, Jessie, Rex, and more! The gang’s back with more fun! This time, Andy is headed out to college and the toys must face facts…he’s gotten too old to play with them, or has he? It’s on to the attic, trash, or…daycare?!!!! Get ready! Pixar brings back alot of memories and fun in this 3rd installment of the coolest toys a kid ever had!

This movie should be used as a lesson to many movie makers: You don’t always have to rush to make a sequel, or 3-quel.  If you take some time and effort into making your film, then it may just turn out to be great. Toy Story (1995), Toy Story2 (1999), Toy Story3 (2010): All are instant classics. (it doesn’t always turn out that way though…i.e. Matrix sequels in comparison to the original; Pirates of the Caribbean3; Shrek3; the Blade sequels.) But, Okay, I digress….on to Toy Story3!!!

Staying true to form, Toy Story3 also begins by placing you in a battle scene of the toys narrated by their beloved Andy! It makes you love the movie immediately! This feeling stays throughout the entire film. As the toys embark on an unintended adventure (as always), we find ourselves enjoying the action, comedy, drama, excitement, danger, and wonder in this great family film. Woody and his loyalty to Andy and the other toys follows the theme of the importance of friendship. Anyone remember the song “You’ve got a friend in me!”?

From a matador-ish, tango-dancing, spanish-speaking Buzz Lightyear, to a hootin’ hollerin’ Jessie, to a sarcastic money-grubbing piggy bank, to a large purple bear who loves to hug, and tons more new toys; the characters in this cartoon bring all the enjoyment and laughs. Matter of fact, the laughs don’t stop (except for the touching/tear-jerking emotional scenes)! 

Look for a lot of references to and quotes from the first two movies! Pixar did a great job tying this into the whole franchise! This movie will keep you guessing  all the way up to the end! What will happen to the toys? Will they end up as Yard-sale leftovers? Daycare damaged goods? Trashcan inhabitants? Attic dwellers? or worse????!!! Watch and see.

While I have thoroughly enjoyed many movies this summer,  this one tops them all. It brought me back to many childhood memories and quoting the entire first movie by heart with my sisters as it played on our television screen! Laughing over and over at the same jokes! We watched it a lot as kids! Don’t judge!! You did too!!!! 🙂 Best family film of the summer so far…and best film overall for the summer. For the Sp1der anyways! *sniff/tear* 

As far as meeting my expectations, this film exceeded them….. well, to infinity….and beyond!!

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

The Spider’s Score10 out of 10 stars TOY STORY 3  

This post is dedicated to my friend: “MECCADAWN” aka: “THE SAUCE”

movie up next: Jonah Hex (after “Trailer Time Thursday”)


  1. The link for the purple bear “Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear” is of a commercial that Pixar made to look like the toy is from the 80s. Pretty neat how they made it look that way! Viral Video Marketing at it’s best! Enjoy!


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