Hey! Who’s Hex?!

Jonah Hex, the movie adaptation of the comic book character, is a movie that I can at least say, I saw it. Unfortunately, it is not that great. Somewhat like David Hasselhoff’s rendition of Nick Fury! Click here if you haven’t had the pleasure of watching that one!

One of the things I really did like about this movie = it’s short! 🙂 Unfortunately, the good performances in this film from great actors such as Josh Brolin and John Malkovich are lost in the bad writing of this movie. Notice that I did not mention Megan Fox among the names of great actors in this film. To quote a friend of mine when speaking about this movie, “eh, Megan Fox…same character…” We all know that she is not in the movie for her acting skills.

This film is a mix between Wild Wild West and The Punisher. I read once that one of Will Smith’s regrets in his acting career was Wild Wild West (that and turning down the role of Neo for the Matrix). Well, this film should be Brolin’s regret. It doesn’t even follow the actual origin story of the comics, but no one would know this, because no one knows who Jonah Hex is from the DC Vertigo comics. I feel the same way about this film as I did about Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage. Upset. Upset that I stayed up late to watch it when I could have been sleeping.

Okay, so I’ve railed on it enough. I have to tell you that the scenery of the film was done well. Also, the outfits fit right into the timeframe of the movie. That was well done. The plot is still pretty decent. Hex travels across the West after being asked by President Grant to track down a Post-Civil War terrorist, the same one that scarred up his face. You watch the movie in waits for the revenge that is to come. Along the way, though, many things just don’t fit right into the movie. Hence, the bad writing. The superpower he possesses is not explained very well; how did Hex and Lilah (Fox’s character) meet?; the SlingBlade voice that Brolin uses gets old; and overall, the movie just bores. The action in the first scene is pretty much a tease…because nothing like it really follows.

If you’re expecting a great blockbuster of a comic film, then I must be the one to take those expectations and throw them off a cliff and watch them be destroyed upon the jagged rocks below! Go see it, so you can say you did…and so that I’m not the only one who did! j/k. Not worth your time….not even for Megan Fox!

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

The Spider’s Score2 out of 10 stars Jonah Hex


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