Diaz and Double-O’Cruise?!

Let’s talk about this one here for a few. Tom Cruise, what was your last good movie? Valkyrie, Tropic Thunder, MI-3? Congratulations on another fun film! I enjoyed this movie. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz do very well together. Cruise plays Roy Miller, a secret agent who is on the run from the agency AND a terrorist group while trying to keep a device from falling into the wrong hands that could potentially be used to destroy the world. All the while, Miller intentionally involves the help of June Havens (Diaz) who is clueless about her recruitment.

Throughout the movie, Miller and Havens’ interactions cause for much laughter and enjoyment. It is fun to see them running, shooting, dodging, driving, yelling, flying, jumping, killing, and swimming together. Their adventure takes you all over the world. One minute you’ll be seeing the countryside of Austria from a train and the next you’ll be watching the waves roll up onto the shore of a secluded tropical island! The action in this film is ongoing as well. Although, some of it is just not as poppin, or exciting, as I expected. 

Ultimately, this film is very reminiscent of Agent 007’s adventures. Cruise did a great job portraying the character the way he did: in classic Cruise style. A mix between Jerry Maguire and the “Couch-Jumping Cruise” we know. And what about the gorgeous Cameron Diaz?! Well, let’s just say that this former Angel of Charlie’s definitely still knows how to charm the camera and how to shoot a gun!

The plot comes full circle in this movie as a few twists and turns come along the way! I couldn’t help but laugh everytime Diaz’s character would do something, as the typical damsel in distress in these movies, and cause more danger to them both! And, of course, Cruise would come to the rescue! (adding to the predictability) It definitely is fun to see how it all plays out though. And, in the end, will Cruise get the girl? Come on! What do you think?!! While this movie could have ended about 20-30mins before it actually did, I figure, at least you get more for your money.

Even with all this going on in the movie, I still found myself bored at times. Through some of the action scenes, no less. And on top of that, you can’t tell if this movie is supposed to be an action flick or a romantic comedy. Perhaps I am being too critical, but, Hey! I’m a movie critic! Go to it, see for yourself, and leave your thoughts in a comment!

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

The Spider’s Score6 out of 10 stars “Knight and Day”

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