Grow Up Already!!

Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade, Rob Schneider, Salma Hayek, Maya Rudolph, even Steve Buscemi and more! This film about a group of childhood friends who reunite, reminisce, and re-enact memories from the past not only packs alot of laughs, but also packs a message of the importance of family, fun, and friends!

Sandler and his pals meet up again 30 years after their junior league basketball championship win to pay their respects to their coach who has died. While all together, the guys realize how time has passed, regret opportunities missed, and determine to have a blast at their old stomping grounds for a few days. This family vacation of sorts allows for each one of them to try to bring the same carefreeness of their childhood back to themselves and to their families (along with some fun memories and laughs).

I love movies about boyhood adventures. Sandlot, Stand By Me, Goonies, Hook…you get the idea. This one has that sort of feel to it which automatically appeals to me. It makes you remember times with your best friends while growing up. I could see myself and all of my friends joining up with this group of friends and having a BLAST!!! (which speaks to the relatability of this movie.) The practical jokes, the stupid little games, the guy talks, the competiveness,….all of it….good stuff!

I also enjoyed the fun collection of actors in this film. The cast was great! It was fun watching Adam Sandler as the dad and the leader of the group. Kevin James kept me laughing like he did in Hitch. Chris Rock added an extra bit of fun to this Sandler film! Salma Hayek absolutely stuns (as usual) in this film! And Rob Schneider….well….he’s Rob Schneider! Everyone of the cast members did a great job. Everyone watching can actually pick which one of the characters is most like them. I found myself comparing each of the friends to friends of my own! Which of the group would you be most like in your circle of friends?

Parts of this film are definitely not for the kiddos though, so, as always, look at the ratings before sitting down with the family to watch. While this movie does have family values tossed in doesn’t mean that it’s appropriate for everyone in the family. But, let me tell you, that if you’re also looking for classic Adam Sandler style from his Billy Madison/Happy Gilmore era, it is also not going to be 100% what you are looking for either. Seems that Sandler’s title for this movie also reflects what direction he’s been taking lately with his films.

Go see it! I was relieved that there were more funny parts than just what I saw in the previews. I laughed alot. In my opinion, Sandler got the right balance of comedy and drama in this movie to bring about a great message: Sometimes in life, we all just gotta stop and have some fun, and stop being…well, Grown Ups!

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

The Spider’s Score7.5 out of 10 stars “Grown Ups”


  1. This movie was so much fun. The daughter’s (except the last one) were amazing and the games they played were hilarious. This was one I’m glad to have seen multiple times. I wanna get chocolate wasted.


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