Movie News Monday for July 5, 2010!

It’s Monday! July 5th! You know what that means: Movie News Monday! Every ”Movie News Monday” this is the place for a quick recap of trending entertainment news! Keeping you updated on movies being released, actors/actresses in roles, dvd releases to keep a lookout for, which movie won in the box office over the weekend, etc! Hope you enjoy!


#1- Twilight Saga: Eclipse dominated the box office this weekend with just under $70million. While The Last Airbender seemed to be pretty much hated by most critics it did earn about $41million over the weekend. Toy Story3 continued to do well at $30million over the weekend and $440million worldwide so far!! Wow! Grown Ups made $18.5million and I contributed to that 3 times!! We’ll see how these films do this weekend when Despicable Me and Predators release.

#2- Bye-Bye Bond? Production of Bond 23, the next James Bond movie that was going to redeem the franchise after Quantum of Solace, has been cancelled. It’s status had been “indefinitely delayed” since April, but is now officially “Cancelled” due to suffering financial situations at MGM. Not quite sure what the future holds for Agent 007. Depending on what happens, Daniel Craig may never wear the tuxedo or drink his shaken martini again…at least as Bond.

Don't be so sure.

#3- Tekken. The King of Iron Fist Tournament! Didn’t even know this movie was in the making and now I learn it releases in a month! This movie, based on the very popular videogame features all of the characters that we loved to use. I played this game all of the time. I will go see it, but, I’m not expecting it to be the blockbuster of the year. Most reviews on this film already give it poor ratings. Excited, nonetheless. Tekken hits theaters August 5, 2010.

#4- And finally, the blu-ray/dvd release for this Tuesday is Brooklyn’s Finest starring Richard Gere, Don Cheadle, Wesley Snipes, Ethan Hawke, and Vincent D’Onofrio. This film deals with 3 unconnected police officers with completely different stories whose paths cross in the course of a week due to interesting circumstances. Haven’t seen it, but I may check it out. Have you seen it? What were your thoughts? Look for it on July 6th.

Thanks for reading! Happy watching!


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  1. Wow, Bond is officially canceled now? Too bad, I think Craig should’ve had another go as 007, despite the disappointment that was Quantum of Solace. Funny how the gritty Bond seems to be suffering a similar fate, as I really liked Timothy Dalton and he only had a chance to play in two movies due to the studio’s financial problems.


    • I agree with you. I would’ve liked to see Craig do another as well. Who knows? Perhaps there will be a chance. But I doubt it. Thanks for visiting and for your comment. Happy Watching!


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