Definitely Despicably Delightful!

Movie fans, get ready! Despicable Me definitely does not disappoint! Over the past several months this film has received a ton of promotional coverage and advertisement. I am pleased to inform you that the film delivers on the fun and enjoyment! A definite must-see for this month!

Steve Carell voices the main character, Gru, who is on a quest to be the #1 supervillian of all time. He and his little yellow minions. His main competition for this title is the villian named Vector (the high-tech supernerd villian that very much resembles Bill Gates).

While on a mission to pull off the coolest caper of the century (to steal the MOON!), Gru, out of necessity, reluctantly joins himself up with 3 little girls: Agnes, Edith, and Margo who turn his life upside down! And that’s just the beginning of the plot for this movie!

I don’t remember the last time I laughed this much in a animated cartoon! Perhaps in  How To Train A Dragon as my friend “Meccadawn” suggested. The minions, as expected, provide a great deal of comic relief in the film. Their antics, language, and humor had me rolling! (btw, if you haven’t downloaded the Best Buy Movie Mode app for your phone, make sure you do before you see this film so that you can translate the hilarious things the minions say during the end credits! You’ll be glad you did.) Those little yellow guys are a great addition to the movie! But if the minions don’t capture you in this film, the three little girls -and Gru’s relationship with them- will. The filmmakers achieved the mark in making the girls’ characters what you might expect from three real girls their ages. I enjoyed their roles in this movie!

There are so many great aspects to this film that I cannot decide what made the movie for me yet. The little girls, the minions, Carell’s performance as the voice of Gru, the well-done 3D effects (WOW!), Gru’s frustration with the girls, the super spy toys…this film is Amazing! Now, this is VERY high praise, but I have to put this one up there with Pixar’s Monster’s Inc!! I know, I know! (“GASP” “No he didn’t!”) but hear me out! The general feel of the movie reminds me of that great film. The humor, humanity, and happiness of this animated classic pulls at your heartstrings and pushes your laughter button throughout the entire movie!

You will not be disappointed with this one, folks! Not going to say anymore about it! Go see it for yourself. It would be Despicable of you not to go see it!

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

The Spider’s Score9 out of 10 stars “Despicable Me”

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*btw, I just gotta ask–isn’t it ironic that Best Buy did the movie mode app for the minions that are blue and yellow, just like all the minions that work in their stores? I thought it was kinda funny! I love that store even more now! 😉


  1. This movie was hilarious! Laughed throughout the entire first half of it and the minions weren’t over or under used. The little girls brought a great since of realism to a movie that is drastically fantastic (as to say fantasy, unrealistic) and it works great out great. Similarly to the way Boo brought a realism to the fantastic world of Monster Inc. Loved it!


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