The Predators and the Prey!

First off, let me tell you that the Governator is not in this film! So, if you are waiting for a cameo from him….don’t. When it comes to Predator movies I enjoyed the first Predator movie, trudged through the second one, and regrettably dragged myself to both of the Aliens Vs Predators movies just to see them in action. Who doesn’t like the Predators? I went to this installment of the series hoping that it would at least satisfy what I wanted out of a Predators movie. It was good.

This movie is all about the Predators and the Prey! (just like the original!) The storyline of this film follows a selected group of strangers that are placed on a planet together to be the hunted prey for the alien beings. They must work together in order to survive while they are being tracked, followed, and attacked.  They each have been selected by the Predators because of some strength or ability they possess (Most of them military.) All of this is done to sharpen the skills of the Predators themselves. Pretty interesting plot. Although, if the Predators already hunted and caught them to take them to the planet, then, what skills are they developing further? (just a thought).

The storyline and the scenery in this film worked for me. I liked it. What I didn’t enjoy about the film was the story development, casting, and the action. Allow me to explain…

The story development is fine from where we come in to it. As a matter of fact, the opening is pretty neat. But…I wish the movie had shown footage of the Predators actually capturing the fighters before dropping them off on their game preserve planet. It would’ve extended the movie, but that’s fine. The film is only 1.5 hours! I think that if they would have done that, then my other disappointments- listed below- wouldn’t exist.

I wish that the casting had been different. I did my best to overlook my distaste for Adrien Brody’s acting, but I still remained disappointed. He plays the tough guy leader that happens to have the answers for everything in the film. Insomuch that I began questioning if he was actually working with the Predators to bring them their prey; and that’s how he had known everything.  Apparently, this was the only way for the screenwriters to be able to pass on the missing pieces of the puzzle in the film. Topher Grace was his usual self, and Laurence Fishburne did do a great job with his performance. I wasn’t expecting Fishburne’s role to be quite what it was. So that was a cool change. But the rest of the crew were…mediocre at best. We all know why most of them are in this film: to be the prey!

The only reason that the action disappointed me is because I wanted more! The action that IS in it is pretty tough! But I wanted to see more of the Predators in action. See more through their eyes just like in the first films. And, I’m not gonna lie, I was hoping for a glimpse into the actual homeworld of the Predators, as the planet they are on is not the homeworld. This movie did do Predators justice though in staying true to their mode of hunting: Stalk the Prey, Play with the Prey, Kill the Prey! …and the body count rises!  As the movie progresses, it becomes a little bit predictable, but hang in there. If you like Predator movies, this one is by far the best since the original.

Go see it. While I was watching it I said to myself, “Self! it sure is a good thing they didn’t mess up this movie by adding in the Aliens monsters!” haha. What a disappointment those two films were! This one is leaps and bounds above the AVP films. It is a good sequel to the series. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Tell me your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

The Sp1der’s Score6.5 out of 10 stars “Predators”

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Have a great weekend! Go see a movie! 🙂

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