It’s “Time to Vote Tuesday!”5

Welcome to another session of “Time To Vote Tuesday!” It’s time to get your vote on!!

I’m still pretty upset about the fact that Marvel announced that they will not have Ed Norton reprise his role as Dr. Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk in the upcoming movie The Avengers! Apparently it is rumored that Joaquin Phoenix has been offered the role instead (seriously???? I thought he retired.)…In my opinion, this is a mistake.

So, in honor of Ed Norton’s great performances, I ask you….

Thanks for reading! Happy watching!


up next: Sorcerer’s Apprentice


  1. Banner is supposed to be this brilliant scientist. Not some crazy retired guy that can’t conduct an interview and drinks his own urine. Bad call, get Tobey.


    • get Tobey?! Get Norton!! If someone else HAS to be Banner, then I would elect someone like Mark Wahlberg, Clive Owen, John Stamos, maybe even Keanu Reeves, or…perhaps Daniel Craig can do it now since Bond got cancelled. But Tobey can’t do it. Sorry.


  2. Norton is definitely the best Hulk! John Stamos would be cool lol. Hulk wouldn’t just smash; he’d smash with kung fu finesse.


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