It’s “Time to Vote Tuesday!”6

Welcome to another edition of “Time to Vote Tuesday!” Hit the polls!

This week, Angelina Jolie’s movie, Salt, releases in theaters. Will it be just another 007-ish film that bores, or will it be amazing? Jolie’s movies have been hit or miss a lot. Anyone remember Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow? Well, I ask you today….


This one’s for fun…

Thanks for reading! Happy watching!


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  1. LoL Gandalf wouldn’t just mop the floor with Harry’s face…. He’d make Harry do it himself LoL!

    As far as Angelina goes… I voted action because most of the movies she’s done that I like tend to be the more action packed ones. I’ve never thought she was all that great of an actress though. I’d have to say my 2 favorite female action performances are Milla Jovovich as Lelu Dallas “The 5th Element” and Uma Thurman as Beatrix Kiddo in Kill Bill!

    Keep em comin T!


  2. Between Gandalf and Harry Potter there’s no competition. Now if it was Gandolf and Dumbledore that’d be an entirely different matter 😉


  3. Gandolf absolutely destroys Harry Potter… And that’s as the grey. The fun matchup would definitely be Gandolf versus Dumbledore.


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