This, That, and The Other Guys!!

Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Samuel L. Jackson, Dwayne Johnson (formerly known as The Rock), Michael Keaton, Eva Mendes, and more all come together for this cop comedy about two cops who can’t seem to get a break as they try their best to break a case and get some much deserved recognition and respect. The Other Guys has a lot of laughs and action, but something still seemed to be missing in this film. There was a little bit of this and that, but the Other Guys still came up short altogther.

In true Rush Hour form, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg play the two unlikely partners that are paired together and must break an important case of corporate fraud. Along the way they come across resistance from all sides: bad guys, competing detectives, police chief, ex-girlfriends, and even each other! This film suprised me with how many recognizable actors are actually in this film! People that you recognize by seeing them, but not necessarily by name! It was fun seeing the two main characters work off of each other. Their extreme opposites and their eventual role reversal kept me entertained throughout. I am pleased to report that, to my amazement, there are more laughs in the movie than what are in the trailer. I laughed during several parts. From the over-the-top opening sequence to the little conversational spats between Wahlberg and Ferrell, the laughs peppered throughout allow for you to enjoy the film.

When it comes to Will Ferrell, sometimes I like his acting and sometimes it is too over the top and I can’t stand it. This time, he did a good job. He acts in a way that brings comedy, drama, action, and reality together that doesn’t detract, but actually adds to the plot and general feel of the movie in a good way. His comedy in this film is not as obnoxious, which may disappoint some, but I believe most will be glad. It fits the film better this way. It was also  interesting to see Mark Wahlberg a little out of his normal typecast, but all things considered, a great job by the casting crew in The Other Guys.

BUT! (you knew it was coming!) The film ping-pongs you around too much. It seems that the romantic interest of Wahlberg’s character was tossed in only to allow us to see a different side of Wahlberg’s character with scenes just tossed in that add almost nothing to the movie at all. There were several holes in the plot that were not answered, and the film took too long to develop. Hence all of the comedy and laughs to help bridge you over to the next piece of the puzzle towards completion. The script really should’ve been written better to allow for a stronger storyline without being so long. You can only handle so much cop comedy. Even some of the little things should have been addressed. For example: Narrator is voiced by someone sounding an awful lot like Ice T –if it isn’t him–, as if he is an actual character you expect to be a part of the story….you never see him at all. (???) Also, (I gotta say it) I got tired of seeing the blatant agenda to push the Toyota Prius and show how amazing and tough it is throughout the whole movie! Don’t think a Prius in real life can handle everything that car went through! But, it adds to the comedy I guess!

Overall, the film is fun! From slow motion gun battles, to ballet dancing detectives. From the amazingly gorgeous Eva Mendes, to the super undersized muscle shirts of Dwayne Johnson. From wooden guns in holsters, to really loud explosions. This film is highly enjoyable. I’d go see it again…as long as I have the time! The Other Guys squeezes past the mark for me.

Thanks for reading! 

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

The Spider’s Score6 out of 10 stars The Other Guys

Here is a video from a midnight screening featuring a friend of mine interviewing moviegoers after the show! Enjoy!


  1. I think undersized muscle shirts for Dwayne are reasons enough for me to watch it! Seriously though, it sounds pretty fun. Can’t wait to check it out.


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