Get to Steppin’

Step Up 3D mainly follows Moose (character from Step Up 2) as he starts his new college life in NYC with new friends, opportunities, schedules,obligations, and, of course, dance moves! The movie begins with him and quickly introduces us to the rest of the supporting cast members in order to allow time for all the dancing that takes place. That being said, there is very little character development, but there is a whole lot of steppin.

What did I like about the movie? I’m glad you asked! I enjoyed quite a bit more than I expected, admittedly. It is amazing the type of talent all of the dancing performers possess! Their level of dedication and performance allows for several eye-pleasing routines! The director spotlighted several performers that have been featured as contestants on So You Think You Can Dance. In a film like this with a certain type of following, a filmmaker has no choice BUT to add in a few fan favorites! No disappointment here. Some of the moves they did left me in awe! There are moments when you will look at the complete stranger to your left in the theater and say “Did you just see…wait…did he just do that?…um…Whoa!” All of the theatrics and acrobatics light up the screen to make it a non-stop dance flick (when they are dancing). When dancing is not happening, well, that’s where the film goes awry (as you might suspect).

While the constant themes of loyalty, hope, comradery, new beginnings, trust, and the perseverance of dreams make it sound like the newest family film, it is a far cry from being such. The storyline is lacking and ends up being very predictable. A few plot holes exist that they should have filled in order to allow for the movie to be as good in story as it is in dance. There are several side stories going on in the movie. Every one of the main characters are battling with issues on and off the dance floor. Either a choice between school and dance, friendship and loyalty, family and love, etc. While the movie attempts to tie it all in together, it’s almost to no avail. I found that, although I was glad for most of the closure, I actually cared less about it. Just show me the dance moves!

The dance choreography is a delectable feast for the eyes! From hip-hop street battles to a “Gene Kelly and Singing in the Rain” type of montage, all of it was enjoyable to watch. The need for 3D in this movie is, well….it’s not a need. Most times it popped up as a distraction and certain scenes were tossed in solely for reason of 3D and added nothing else to the film at all. They should not have filmed it in 3D. The soundtrack, as is the norm with these movies, doesn’t disappoint and adds a great sense of hype to the film. Nice choice overall from the production crew in music, casting, and choreography! At times I felt like I had to get up and dance, or as they like to say, as if I had been “Born from a Boombox!” So, I ask you, are you ready to start a crew? We’ll hit up America’s Best Dance Crew for the next season!!! 🙂

Great dance flick, not so great movie.

Thanks for reading! 

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

The Spider’s Score3 out of 10 stars Step Up 3D

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