The Dependable Expendables

Why Dependable? Because with this many action stars, one would sincerely hope that they “brought it” with the action, fighting, explosions, and such! Well, they did! Sylvester Stallone and the crew did not let me down. Oh, and in case you just didn’t happen to catch who all is in this movie, allow me to enlighten you: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Terry Crews, Randy Couture, Steve Austin (Stone Cold), Dolph Lundgren (the Russian in Rocky4), Mickey Rourke (Whiplash in Iron Man2), Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger…..and those are just the action stars that are in the film!! So, you can imagine the high expectations I had going into the theater to see this one! I’ve been waiting, just like you, since I saw the first trailers. Click here if you’d like to see them again!

This movie makes all other action movies, right now, pale in comparison. If you enjoy this genre of movie….okay, even if you don’t….Go see it! Stallone (the director of The Expendables) plays a mercenary by the name of Barney Ross. As the leader of an elite hand-picked team of mercenaries for hire (The Expendables), he chooses a mission for the team to depose a tyrant that controls a small island. After a quick recon mission, he decides to abort the job, but quickly reverses that decision as he is looking for an opportunity to redeem his soul after a life of mercenary work, or die trying. And, along come the crew!

Okay, so action aside, how was the movie? This film contains so many pieces that make it a great film: Cast, plot, relatable characters, scenery, comic relief, action, even a little bit of love interest! What other elements do you need? The plot, while it leaves a little more to the imagination than I had hoped, fits very well into a movie like this. At first, I thought that The Expendables was a name that they had been given stating that if they were lost, well, they were expendable. But I think the movie points to the fact that the crew themselves also felt that their lives were expendable. On this mission, Ross (Stallone) and the crew work to prove the opposite, not only to each other, but to themselves as well. The movie had a much better storyline than I had expected. Gladly.

Before I end this review, I must mention one other actor in the film. Eric Roberts (who played Salvatore Maroni -the crime boss the Batman dropped off the balcony in The Dark Knight) performed his part exceptionally well enabling me to hate him in this film as the bad guy. I must congratulate his work as, I fear, most people will only look to the action stars. The supporting cast as a whole played their parts in a way that added to the film. None of the action stars took over the screen. They all worked together so that the movie had it’s own feel. This is one of the main strengths of this movie. Everyone has their turn to showboat and bring their personality into it, but when it’s time for them all to work together, they did! I enjoyed several of the little “rematches,” if you will, between some of the action stars! Glad that all of these stars could get together and pay tribute to earlier movies and joke back and forth about little things that we, as the audience, know and can relate to. When (I didn’t say “if”) you watch this film, you will see what I mean. Congrats to you all. And thank you, for being so…..dependable.

Go see it! I’m telling you now, do not miss The Expendables!

Thanks for reading! 

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

The Spider’s Score8 out of 10 stars The Expendables

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  1. now i was sadly disappointed and maybe i should not have done back to back movies but to me it seems they spent more on the payroll and less on every thing else. the special effects were poor. they were so bad it took me out of the movie. same thing happened on Xmen 4 with all this tech we have now you think they would at least get that right


    • true, the special effects were lacking at times, but I didn’t find it to be as distracting as the horrid effects in Wolverine! You are right though. With all the technology, they need to get it right! Thanks for commenting!! and welcome to theScarletSp1der’s Web!!!!


  2. I enjoyed this movie! It was really awesome to see all of those actors from back in the day together. I liked the humor they brought into the movie, yet it was still entertaining from an action standpoint. I didn’t see anything wrong with the effects… although I agree about xmen 4!


    • I am glad you enjoyed the film! I really liked it. Meccadawn was right about the fact that they could’ve invested more in the special effects (like the blood splatter, explosions, etc). But I didn’t feel it took away from the film. I was sorely disappointed with Wolverine though myself! Thanks for reading and welcome to TheScarletSp1der’s Web! –Happy Watching!


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