The Pilgrim’s Plight

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is a greatly imaginative, high-flying, and visually entertaining adventure about a boy who must battle all opposing foes in order to date the attractive, yet elusive Ramona Flowers. This movie definitely has its allure and specific audience. Some will find it to be a waste of time and talent, while others will find it to be the greatest cult classic since Spaceballs. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is a conglomeration of styles put together (famous sitcoms, Napoleon Dynamite, Fanboys, 8-bit nintendo games, etc) and gets high praise from me for its originality in style, presentation, witty-ness, and storytelling. It is definitely anything but ordinary!

Michael Cera plays his usual typecast in this film which works for him, but one of these days, I would love to see him play a different type of character. But, he did a decent job doing his same routine of awkward, yet subtly sarcastic, humor and mannerisms as Scott Pilgrim (or was he George-Michael Bluth from Arrested Development, or Nick from Nick and Nora, or Evan from Superbad, or Oh from Year One? You get my drift.) When Scott Pilgrim meets Ramona V. Flowers it’s love at first sight! He immediately pines after her to date her, but in order to do so, he must defeat the “League of the Seven Evil Exes” in battle!  (I don’t quite get how the 7 evil exes equate to being “the World.” Perhaps the title should read Scott Pilgrim vs. the Evil 7 instead.) While the plot may sound just a little far-fetched it is still fun and the movie takes you on an even greater unexpected adventure. As you watch it, you have to just roll with the punches, literally.

This movie quickly takes you back and forth between the confines of reality and the world of video games as it melds them together. The gamer and comic book lover in me enjoyed that aspect a lot. From over-the-top sword battles to enemies dissolving into coins that need collecting, the movie has several elements reminiscent of games such as Super Mario Bros, Double Dragon, Soul Calibur, Zelda, and several other video games (8-bit and higher)! Scott Pilgrim is practically a videogame hero tossed into the real world trying to survive through different levels and bosses to defeat in order to win the love of his princess. But ultimately, who must he face at the end of it all? Some of the bosses/evil exes were played by none other than Chris Evans (Johnny Storm from Fantastic Four and Captain America from, well, come on now!) and Brandon Routh (Superman from Superman Returns). It was rather funny watching how they incorporated their previous personas into the movie! This is a classic fanboy’s movie!!

As all of the randomness, musical montages, and video game icons and soundbytes come and go, you may find yourself forgetting about, or just not caring about, Scott Pilgrim’s love life….which is what this movie starts off telling you is the whole plot. Come the end, who cares if he gets the girl or not, we just want to see him beat up some more of the bad guys, or get pummelled trying. Right?! Thankfully, they still tie it all together at the end.

This arcade-game style movie about good vs. evil looks like it was a lot of fun to film, and satisfies all of the trendy, nerdy, contemporary cult classic, comedy desires of the fans of this genre. Many reviews across the web are either praising it up or putting it down. It’s definitely not for everyone. A special thanks goes out to my friend Kal-el for going to see it with me (for the record he did not enjoy it but stayed anyways!). I enjoyed it, but found several elements of it to be lacking. But, I must give props to the director and crew for originality, perhaps not in story as much as in the portrayal of it. Visually, and conceptually, you may never see another movie quite like this one!

Overall….worth seeing! Go see it, and let me know what you thought!

Thanks for reading! 

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

The Spider’s Score6 out of 10 stars Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

….oh, and by the way, there is a phone number in the movie that doesn’t have the usual (555) in it. So, I called it! I always look for opportunities like that. Sometimes you get surprised and a recording on the other side of the line says “Congratulations, you paid attention!” or “Thanks for watching the movie, enter for a chance to win this or that!” Do you ever call the real numbers in movies?

*…and…ONCE AGAIN!!! My friend, the great Casey Messer and her interviews of movie-goers after their preview of the movie! Enjoy! Thanks Casey for the vid! Keep up the great work!

**I must also take this time to thank 3 young actors that I met this past week: Andrew, Luis, and Steph for visiting my site and engaging in fun movie conversations a few days ago. I actually ran into them again at the screening of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World! I wish them all the best in their aspiring and growing careers!


  1. man you are right i see this going along side any and all cult classics, i for one am going to watch this a few more times in theatres. i would even pay to watch this and for me i will be buying this on blu-ray


  2. Okay, 6 out of 10 stars? really? I am disappointed in how many stars you gave this movie. 🙂 I felt this movie should have at least gotten 8! This was definitely a ten!!

    This movie is so unique in it’s portrayal of self-realization that it might seem foreign at times. Yes, although the plot of the movie circles around a relationship with another girl, I felt that the director wanted us to look inside the mind of a young man full of trepidation of the unknown. In the end, the movie was more about Scott’s realization of self and the respect of himself and others more than just one relationship with a girl. The struggles people go through (fighting 7 exes!, [put your struggle here]) and overcoming those struggles is what this movie is about. The director hit the nail on the head IMO.

    Epik’s movie review 10 out of 10 thumbs. 😉


    • Ah, my good friend Epikoureios! I wondered when you might grace us with a comment/review of your own! I think that both you AND I were too lenient on rating Scott Pilgrim! While the film is unique, you have to call it for what it is….a cool cult classic and nothing more. It is not a deep intellectual movie of self-realization. Sure, it has elements of such, but that isn’t what this movie is about and it shouldn’t be viewed or rated as such! I think you’re digging too deep! IMO. haha. I enjoyed reading your comments and thank you for reading! I look forward to more from you! –Happy Watching!


  3. Hey scarletsp1der! Thanks for the honorable mention 😀 I have to say i thoroughly enjoyed both the movie and the review. i personally am on the side of lovers not haters, and would give this movie a solid 9/10. I personally lenient when it comes to my critiques of movies, but i just couldn’t give this one a 10 for two reasons: one, the love story felt rushed and too many action sequences got in the way of my emotionally investing in their development together, minus 1/2 of a point, just didn’t go deep enough. Two, the cinematography was just below par, and that is a big deal to me. It is just as important as any character development and choices, musical score, or directing as a whole. There were some really clever transitions and effects ( I especially loved the little “stat” boxes that appeared by the characters when they were first introduced), but the camera was just too close to the characters when they were fighting and i could not focus enough on the action. for that i deduct another 1/2 point. But i give it a nine because this movie defines my high school experience in five words: Girls, Indy Music, Video Games. So thats why i will definately give this movie an instant cult classic award.



    • Thanks very much for reading and for your comment! I, too, loved the stat boxes but I do agree with the points you make as to what took away from the magic of the movie. Although, in my opinion, while some of the cinematography may have been sub-par, that makes it equivalent to the type of videogames the movie mimics! I thought that actually added to the feel. It fit this film, but you are right in the value of good cinematography. Glad to have seen you at the movie. Thanks again for reading and welcome to TheScarletSp1der’s Web!! -Happy Watching!


  4. P.S. there is something im suprised you forgot to mention in your movie news mondays segment!!! The big G man himself (George Lucas) announced the releas of a special edition blu-ray box set of all six Star Wars movies! I had a total geek out upon hearing this. anyways another thing, my high school theater department is putting on the musical little shop of horrors in October, and i would love for you to come! I don’t know how you feel about live acting performance but it would be great if you would see the show one night. I personally am going to be stage managing the performance. Email me if your interested for the deets


    • I JUST saw that myself and the “deleted scenes” info, thanks to my friend TheSilkSpectre! I will be adding a little segment dedicated to it on Tuesday’s post! thanks for the heads up! I will email you about your performance!! Sounds exciting!


  5. I haven’t gotten to see this one yet but I want to so badly. My kind of flick. And you have only given me more reason to want to see it! PLus I love Michael Cera.


      • Yes , absolutely. I can see that it’s the sort of film that you could easily either love or hate.
        I guess it’s also a generational thing too. Kids between 13 and 18 tend to love it, I’ve noticed. Most of the people between 18 and 30 have mixed views. Generally speaking, people over 30 get tired of it much more quickly.


      • haha, That is a very astute observation! And it’s funny, my friend Kal-el is over 30 and he did tire of it rather quickly. As a matter of fact, he constantly reminds me of his disappointment in the “too high” score that I gave it, while other younger viewers reiterate to me their disappointment in the fact that I did not rate it any higher!


  6. I think that while Cera’s role in this wasn’t a complete departure from his typical role, i wouldn’t say he is doing the same thing as usual(especially the scene where he’s drunk and pissed off at Ramona, which was my fav scene from the whole movie). And if you want to see him play a different type of character, i would suggest watching Youth In Revolt, in which he technically plays 2 roles. One is his usual, but the other is a alternative personality named Francois, who is absolutely bad$$s. I actually did a post about him which features 2 clips from the movie which shows what i am talking about.


    • I will check out your page. I haven’t seen Youth in Revolt yet but I often wish that actors would venture out of their comfort zone and try different types of roles. While different to an extent, this one still ended up being a lot the same…but perhaps that’s Cera’s own personality shining through into the character. As per your recommendation I will check out YIR. Thanks for your comment! I still enjoyed the film quite a bit! 🙂


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