A Winning Ticket

Bow Wow, formerly known as Lil’ Bow Wow, stars in this movie about a kid and his grandma who live in the projects and win big thanks to a lottery ticket! Actually, that’s not what this movie is about at all. Yeah, that’s what happens, but this movie is about the values of family, loyalty to self and friends, opportunity, making your own destiny, and being rich through the people in your life. To borrow a phrase from my friend TheCalm, “The Lottery Ticket is a lot like Friday in that you expect to go in there to just watch a silly movie when BAM! All of a sudden it gets real on ya!” The message in this movie, and how it is relayed, was honestly an unexpected and welcomed surprise! 

The Lottery Ticket brings a lot of laughs to the table as we follow Kevin (Bow Wow) who is trying to survive the onslaught of people who are after him and his ticket! As soon as it is known that he has a winning lottery ticket for $370 million, all sorts of pandemonium ensues. The cast in this movie is perfect for all of the roles. Brandon Jackson (from Tropic Thunder), Terry Crews, Loretta Devine, Ice Cube, Charlie Murphy and more all add to this film and make it the fun, adventurous, keep-you-on-your-toes-wondering-what’s-going-to-happen-next (insert deep breath) movie that it is!

Sometimes we would like to think of what we would do if we won the lottery! This movie allows you to vicariously live out your fantasy of lottery winnings as Kevin goes out and begins to partake in the benefits of overflowing finances! But, as with most people with money, he quickly finds out that it doesn’t bring you happiness. He is faced with the decision of what to do with his winnings (once he can cash his check in, that is). This movie had a slight tint of Spiderman in it for me as Ice Cube’s character mentors Kevin, like Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben, and basically (along with his friends) helps him to learn that “with great power comes great responsibility.” Will Kevin (1) be able to survive a couple of days before he can turn in his ticket? (2) use his winnings all for himself? (3) be a hero of the projects and bring opportunities to the people living there? or (4) lose the ticket to one of the people after him to take it from him? Watch and see. I will say, that his continual running from the main antagonist in the movie does run on a bit too long. I wish that the movie would have focused on a few more of Kevin’s struggles throughout. It did get a bit old, but they spread it out enough that it still works.

Don’t Scratch this one off your list. The Lottery Ticket had a surprising feel to it for me. It has been getting a lot of varying reviews from critics. Some hate it, some like it, some love it. I really enjoyed this film. It was more than just a superficial movie about money and moving up in the world. The acting was right, the message was true, the comic relief wasn’t overdone, and the director and actors landed the character development and believability in such a good way. As I sat there, watching it with my best friend, I couldn’t help but imagining the both of us in the movie as the two main characters. Watching Bow Wow and Brandon Jackson, the two best friends in the film, was like watching my best friend and I the entire time. This was one of the main successes of this movie, in my opinion. I love it when a movie is made that is relatable to the audience. The message of friendship is strong in this movie. It’s important to know who your true friends are, as Kevin finds out in the movie.

Go see it. The movie ticket you buy for this one will be….a winning ticket!

Thanks for reading!  

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

 –The Sp1der’s Score 6.5 out of 10 stars The Lottery Ticket(I liked it more than The Other Guys, but less than Grown Ups!)

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