Alice in Zombieland

Alice is back! and, as one of this movie’s trailers stated, she’s not in wonderland! Resident Evil: Afterlife is the fourth installment of Resident Evil movies based off of the videogame franchise of the same name. There has been much anticipation over this movie and excitement over the intense level of 3D in the film. Here we follow Alice as she once again fights alongside other “survivors” while the ever flesh-hungry zombies make their way to the dinner table! This movie was fun when the action was in play…but otherwise…how did it do as a movie overall?

Resident Evil: Afterlife, unfortunately, was quite boring…to be blunt. I was disappointed. It takes you on a roller coaster ride that is far from what you get at Six Flags. It starts off with a great action scene but gets boring quick. The gunfights, zombie killings, and explosions lead to the expected non-climatic battle, and then…it ends, with a tease for another sequel. The action scenes tossed in amid the monotone conversations, monologues, and dull “cookie-cutter” characters caused my eyelids to continue playing a game of peekaboo with the screen. I did, however, enjoy the look and feel of the movie in relation to the videogames and previous 3 movies. Admittedly, though, the only thing I kept waiting for was the action packed scenes that I was promised  by the amazing trailers. They came, I saw, then I left.

The plot (expectedly) remained the same as it is for the first three movies: survive the onslaught of “the infected” (zombies) while trying to make it to safety and take down those responsible (The Umbrella Corporation). It serves its purpose as the plot and background for this videogame franchise. I was just hoping for a little bit more. It is almost as if this movie was made to setup the next one. (don’t all of the R.E. movies do that?) If you are looking for a ton of backstory in this film, you are better off watching the previous 3 movies instead. As a videogame movie, it is fun to watch how they bring the characters (that we remember watching on 19″ televisions with Playstation controller in hand in the dark) to life. But as an overall movie, the plot was too predictable and mainly uninteresting. (Sorry R.E. fans).

The action and the 3D was great, when it finally came! I loved it! The slow motion in combination with 3D makes the audience “part” of the film! There are several of those “shock and awe” moments that very quickly bring back your attention as it goes in and out. Alice, the experienced heroine, does not disappoint in her gunslinging and highflying acrobatics! A main disappointment though was the archvillian. In my opinion, the archvillian should be the most memorable character, after the hero, in a movie like this. Unfortunately, the most memorable villian in this film doesn’t even utter a word! It was the towering, axe/hammer-weilding, heavy-duty zombie monstrosity (Axeman) that is chasing them down. (His fight scene, by the way, was pretty tough though!) The lack of character development/backstory for Alice’s main enemy made him quite dull and uninteresting. 

I really wanted to enjoy this movie! Unfortunately, for me, that didn’t happen. The action was great, the plot and storyline wasn’t. To borrow a line from the Philadelphia Inquirer the “paint-by-the-numbers plot” made this movie and it’s characters boring and predictable. For true Resident Evil fans, this movie will be fun as you watch it and pick out little things here and there from the previous films and games! You will enjoy the scavenger hunt, of sorts, for all the little tributes and such. But for those looking for just a fun, action-packed zombie flick…either skip it altogether or just go to the second half of the movie….this way, you won’t become a zombie yourself while watching.

Thanks for reading!  

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

 –The Sp1der’s Score: 3 out of 10 stars Resident Evil: Afterlife”

Have a great weekend!


  1. Nice Post! Well, I think they deserve some credit for trying to stick to the story line related to the game itself, though there are some twists and changes the story seems to still follow the game.


    • Hello eurybe08! Thanks for visiting and commenting! You are right, credit to them for the resident evil genre and general story. I agree with you. I just wish there would’ve been more for those that haven’t really followed the series! Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂


  2. Good review! Actually wasn’t crazy about the action myself, didn’t care for the complete disregard for physics and gravity at the beginning and the 3D felt gimmicky, like, endless stuff that looks like it’s about to poke me in the eye. Didn’t feel immersive, but that’s just me. Anyway, totally agree with you, but I didn’t expect much from this movie to begin with.


  3. The problem with this movie is that they spent the last 3 movies getting as far away from the games as possible, then all of a sudden start trying to kind of/slightly start trying to act like they were following the games. I mean… unless you played the games you would never guess that that was Jill in the movie heh.



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