Getting “Rid” (hint-hint) of the Rumors!

So….ever since The Dark Knight released, hundreds of rumors made their way around the internet and back about what would take place in a, at the time, unconfirmed continuation. The thought of Batman 3 had all the comic fans drooling after seeing the great work that director Christopher Nolan put together in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight! After conducting some thorough research of my own, I decided to bring to you some of my most recent findings revolving around the rumors and ideas of the elusive Batman3 project. The following are some questions surrounding the project and the answers that I have found so far. I hope you enjoy!

1. Will there even be a 3rd Batman film? The answer to that is undoubtedly YES! Christopher Nolan’s brother, Jonathan Nolan has been working on the script and is almost done. They are working towards filming for IMAX theaters and Nolan has absolutely shunned the implementation of 3D for this film! Two things I am glad Nolan hasn’t done with Batman: 3D, and make these movies like the Batman films before him—“Batman goes to a Rave!”

2. So, if the Nolans are working on the movie and writing the script, What characters are they planning on bringing to the story? Actually, the writing is complete. The screenplay is just being polished up. Right now, the only confirmed characters and actors are as follows: Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth, and Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon. The Nolans remain very tight-lipped about the film.

3. Will Robin make an appearance finally? Nope. No Robin…Nolan specifically stated that these Batman movies are still focusing on a “younger” Batman, before Robin even showed up in the comics. His passion for presenting Batman in a certain light that compliments the original comics keeps him from adding characters into the film just for the sake of adding them. Wise Mr. Nolan. Thank you, sir! Rest assured that if Robin is in any Batman movie, Nolan will not be a part of the project.

4. Is Two-Face really dead? They will probably bring him back for the third one won’t they? Nope. Two-Face won’t be in the film. Nolan has confirmed that his character is indeed dead. Gordon and Batman didn’t take him and store him in Arkham or something like that and bury a different body at the funeral. Two-Face is gone.

5. Will we see the Joker back in the 3rd film? Again…Nope. The Joker will not be recast. Plans were in the air about having the third Batman film showcase the trial of The Joker, but those plans were quickly squashed…even before Ledger’s sad and untimely death. To recast The Joker would almost be impossible to do so quickly after Heath Ledger’s most amazing and memorable performance as the villain. I’m not even sure that if Heath Ledger hadn’t passed away that they would bring the Joker back so quickly. Some people are hoping for Harlequin to be in the third film. Sorry, but you really can’t do Harley without the Joker. Don’t expect her to be in the next one either.

6. There were rumors about the Penguin and Philip Seymour Hoffman doing the part. Yes? No. No Penguin…sorry Philip Seymour Hoffman. Nolan has stated that it would be somewhat difficult to bring the Penguin (along with other “non-natural” characters) into the franchise and still stay true to the reality of Batman and the characters/world that they have worked so hard to establish and maintain. It would almost be as detrimental to the latest Batman movies as bringing Venom and Sandman into the Spiderman series was. Unrealistic, and therefore detracting. So…Danny Devito, you can keep your persona as the dirty bird to yourself! And Hoffman, well….too bad.

7. What about Catwoman rumors?….highly unlikely that she will be in the third installment. It has been rumored in the past that Catwoman would be in the film and that Angelina Jolie would star. First of all, the third Batman movie is most likely going to be about Batman being redeemed in the eyes of the citizens of  Gotham and being chased down by a reluctant Commissioner Gordon. (remember, think back now about how The Dark Knight ended). In order for Batman to “redeem” himself in the eyes of Gotham, he would have to save them from a villain that grips the city in a vice of fear with threat of destruction. That’s not Catwoman. Also, if Jolie were to play Catwoman, that would be the stupidest move EVER! Have you seen Catwoman’s mask? No one in all of hollywood has a more recognizable mouth/lips than Angelina Jolie. Her identity would be given away just like that! So…No Catwoman! No Mr. Freeze either…just thought I’d throw that one out there!

8. So what about the Riddler?…Well, all signs pretty much point to the Riddler being confirmed as the main villain in the new Batman film. Eddie Murphy? Johnny Depp? Robin Williams? No, No, and No!! Those who follow Nolan’s work, know that he doesn’t sign on very many big name actors. He also likes to work with actors that he’s used before, if they impress him enough! I, for one, don’t even want to see Depp, Murphy, or Williams anywhere near a Batman film set. It seems that the most credible rumor at the moment is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception, Brick, 500 Days of Summer, 10 Things I Hate About You) might end up playing the part of Edward Nigma. Move out the way Jim Carrey! (thankfully!)

9. Since Nolan and Bale are working on a third movie, will there be more to follow? How many more Batman movies are there going to be? Nolan said that one important piece of comicbook hero movies is that there is an end in sight. The movie producers must see a beginning, middle, and end to their story in order for there to be justice to the characters, plot, and feel of the storyline. That being said, Nolan has pretty much alluded to the fact that this upcoming Batman project will be the last. At least as far as Nolan is concerned. I have no doubt that he will exercise great judgment in how to finalize the Batman story….for now at least. I’m sure later on down the road a new young director in Hollywood will attempt to pick up the mantle (or cowl) and start where Nolan left off. Here are Nolan’s precise words that he gave in a statement to the LA Times

“My brother has come up with some pretty exciting stuff. Unlike the comics, these things don’t go on forever in film and viewing it as a story with an end is useful. Viewing it as an ending, that sets you very much on the right track about the appropriate conclusion and the essence of what tale we’re telling.”…..”The key thing that makes the third film a great possibility for us is that we want to finish our story,” he said. “And in viewing it as the finishing of a story rather than infinitely blowing up the balloon and expanding the story.”

10. Since Nolan is also heading up production of the new Superman movie project….will he bring the Batman into the mix for an interesting crossover movie? Setting up a possible Justice League film for DC Comics along with movies like Green Lantern, The Flash, and Wonder Woman in the talks? N-O! Nolan currently has no plans of bringing Batman and Superman together in any of his films. Sorry.

and 11. Will they give Christian Bale cough drops for his throat after all of his growling dialogue in The Dark Knight?! 🙂 Probably not.

So, let’s recap, shall we? Confirmed so far: Christopher Nolan directing. Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Gary Oldman reprising their roles. Bale is now officially the only actor ever to be confirmed for three Batman movies as the Caped Crusader. Release date: Summer 2012! No Robin. No cough drops. And it will be Nolan’s final Batman film…for now.

I love all of the rumors and buzz surrounding this film. What are your thoughts on the movie? Who would you like to see in it? Who is your favorite Batman villain? Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Harlequin, Mr. Freeze, Bane, Catwoman, Clayface, Killer Croc, Scarecrow, The Clock King (one of my favs), Ra’s Al Ghul, Mad Hatter…did I miss any?

**Food for thought: Perhaps Nolan should either 1-create a totally new villain for Batman to face, or 2-choose some other villain than The Riddler. Why? What will The Riddler bring to the table that The Joker already didn’t? In reality, they are almost identical. While I do not doubt the directing abilities of Christopher Nolan (Gasp! That’d be Blasphemy!) The Riddler may just make Batman3 a “Dark Knight Remake.” At least adding someone like Bane may make for a different plot. So, Riddle me this. Riddle me that. Who should be the villain to go up against The Bat? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Just for fun, here’s one more piece of fan art for a Batman3 movie poster: I thought it was well done (except for the fact that they misspelled Morgan Freeman’s name), and you’d like to take a look!

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!



  1. First of all great story T! I love the batman movies and I am one of those people constantly looking for more information on a 3rd movie 🙂 As far as a villain I agree with you that the Riddler would be much much too close to the joker style of villain. I would LOVE to see The Clock King! But if not that then a Poison Ivy/Bane story would be good as well. As always T, love reading the sight and keep up the good work.


    • Thanks DrkaMan for your kind words and continued support! I am a big fan of Christopher Nolan’s work and Batman and have been pretty excited about all of the developments for Batman3. Clock King was one of my absolute favorite villains. A long time ago I started work on a script for a Batman movie featuring Killer Croc and Clayface. I entitled it “Batman: The Croc and The Clay!” haha. Who knows. maybe one day it’ll happen! Until then…Bring it on Nolan!! 🙂


  2. Great article SS but I gotta say you’re wrong on two points. The riddler is not the Joker. Batman’s greatest villians are so interesting because , for the most part, they are all some bad form of the Dark Knight himslef or the very opposite of him. The Joker is the dark side of Batman let lose. He’s a stone cold killer that really enjoys his job. He’s ruthless and sadistic. He has no endgame except to get under Batman’s skin and kill as many people as he can along the way. He’s Batman if he just let his rage take control. Joker wants Batman to find him and is pushing him to kill. He wants Batman to become a killer like himself and forsake all his morals and standards and rules.


    • thanks Kal for your comments! I never said the Riddler was the Joker, but that, dynamically speaking, in a movie there wouldn’t be that much of a difference between the two. The amount of character development in the comic books to show a differentiation is just not that plausible for a 2.5 hr movie. I am just afraid that a plot, character-type, and destruction would end up mimicking that of TDK, only with a few things added. It will have to be done VERY VERY well in order to succeed. You are right in how The Joker pushing the Batman to yield to his will, and in that, the Joker would defeat him. But The Riddler wouldn’t be entirely different either. That’s my take on it, anyways! I will leave it in the hands of Christopher Nolan!


  3. The Riddler, however, is Batman’s intelliegence used for evil. Riddler is a stone cold killer. He avoids killing people unnecessarily. He wants to prove he’s smarter than Batman. He has a totally different goal and end game than the Joker. He’s a Villian that makes Batman be the great detective and search for him. A well done movie with the Riddler at his best would be a great mystery movie with various plot twist as the Riddler leads you down multiple paths that the Dark Knight would have to figure out. The Clown Prince of Crime is always easy to find… follow the dead bodies to the big neon sign that he’s standing under. Imagine the first time Batman met a villian that wasn’t crazy but rather just as intelligent as he. Someone who made him learn his detective skills that we’ve come to expect as second nature to him. A villian that makes Batman rethink every move he makes because you don’t know if the villian is expecting it or not. Nolan is keeping the character’s and villians as close to the comic book core of who they really are and were meant to be. We liked Jack’s mean Joker but loved Heath’s sadistic one. Carey was good as the Joker in a movie that was meant to be over the top theatrics but imagine a realistic and dark Riddler that is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. I can see that being very creepy and a game changer for the way everybody sees the riddler.


  4. I think Johnny Depp as the riddler could work. He’s got the acting skills to do the role and can bring a realistic darkness to such an intelligent character. Think of Samuel Jackson as Mr Glass. He was very believable in the role where you really like him and even pitty him. But you also felt a strange uneasyness about him. He was really smart but somehow scary. I could see Depp bringing that same kind of depth to the Riddler. You’re not terrified of him because he’ll kill you because you look at him but yet you just don’t feel right about him for some reason. You know beaneth the fine pressed suits and immense intelligence lies a psychopath that is plotting your doom at every step while smiling in your face (or accompanying you to find Ms. Swann). Think Donnie Brasco, Jack Sparrow (he kept you guessing), Sands, Mort Rainey, Rochester, Sweeney Todd… Depp is good with roles that have twisted characters that are controlled. Even when he’s the good guy you expect him to do something really evil… and you love him for it.


  5. If they do decide to bring the Riddler to the next Batman movie, I vote for Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing the part! He is on the outskirts of total stardom (which in my book means he doesn’t take his Hollywood paycheck for granted) and is capable of some wonderful acting. With that said, I will dramatically switch topics. NO WIZARD OF OZ PREQUEL! I will not watch such a blasphemous film because no one will ever come close to the classic, and everyone should just stop trying. Then again, what do I know? I’m just a simple fan of a simple timeless classic 😉


    • Shortness! Are you sure you don’t wanna give good ol’ RDJ a chance at being the great and powerful?? 😉 He does a great job at dedicating his efforts to the reality of the character he plays! hahaha. your comment made me laugh. Allow me to also “dramatically switch topics,” Gordon-Levitt has done very well in his acting career. You are right! Do you think he has what it takes to be a lead (a villianous one at that) in such a tremendous film with a great amount of pressure? There really was no pressure for any of the films he has been in so far.


  6. I missed this one so thanks for bringing it to my attention, T. About #4, I heard that Eckhart told Nolan he’s available in case he wanted some flashback scenes of Two/Face, but yep he’s dead indeed. I agree, NO to Penguin, soooo cartoonish! NO to Jolie either, I’m kinda tired of her and despite looking good in black leather, I prefer someone else (Cottilard as I mention in my post) in that role.

    Ahahahaha…. thanks for the laugh for #11. Cough drops for Batman… good one! I think his growl is utterly ridiculous.

    Nice post, Scarlet!


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