Happy Birthday, Mr. Bruckheimer!

So yesterday, September 21st, was award-winning producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s 55th birthday! Bruckheimer is very well known for his involvement with a lot of television series. In addition to highly successful tv shows, he is also very accomplished in producing fantastic Hollywood movies.

Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1945, Bruckheimer graduated with a degree in psychology at the University of Arizona with a minor in algebra! (Who would’ve ever guessed that?!) He started off filming award-winning commercials before beginning to film movie blockbusters. His nickname actually is Mr. Blockbuster. Reportedly, a few of his favorite films are The Godfather, The French Connection, and Good Will Hunting. It is very obvious through his work that Mr. Blockbuster loves to entertain and engage audiences with his films. One of my favorite quotes of his is: “We are in the transportation business. We transport audiences from one place to another.” If only real life public transportation could be as swift and seamless as Bruckheimer’s!

One other thing I like about Bruckheimer productions is the quality of people he uses. He often re-uses people in his films. Music composers, directors, actors, etc. Some repeat offenders of his include the likes of directors Michael Bay, Tony Scott, and Jon Turteltaub, and actors Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Nicolas Cage, Jon Voight, and Steve Buscemi.

Many great films that hit the big screen and dvd cabinets in homes all across the world through the years have the name Bruckheimer attached to them. In honor of Mr. Bruckheimer, I spent a portion of my day watching a couple of my favorite Bruckheimer films: The Rock and Enemy of the State. There are so many to chose from, so I decided to make a list of some of his films (some still yet to start production). Which ones are your favorites?

Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop (I-II), Days of Thunder, Bad Boys (I-III), Crimson Tide, Dangerous Minds, The Rock, Con Air, Armageddon, Enemy of the State, Gone in Sixty Seconds, Coyote Ugly, Remember the Titans, Pearl Harbor, Black Hawk Down, Bad Company, Déjà Vu, Pirates of the Caribbean (I-IV), King Arthur, National Treasure (I-III), Confessions of a Shopaholic, G-Force, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, and many others.

Well, Blockbuster Bruckheimer, Happy Belated Birthday! Thanks for transporting us from the “Highway to the Dangerzone” to Alcatraz and from the Caribbean to a Comet of destruction for so many years! Keep up the great work with more to come!

Thanks for reading!


up next: The Town and “Trailer Time Thursday!”

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