Movie News Monday for September 27, 2010!

The weekend is over! I know….sad times! But it’s bittersweet! Because it’s not just Monday, it’s “MOVIE NEWS MONDAY!!” Hooray! What is MNM all about? In case you don’t know, every “Movie News Monday” this is the place for a quick recap of trending entertainment news! Keeping you updated on movies being released, actors/actresses in roles, dvd releases to keep a lookout for, which movie won in the box office over the weekend, etc! Hope you enjoy! 

This Just In!!…

#1– “Weekend Box-Office Winner.” Well, there definitely was a battle of the box office this past weekend. Taking in all the money was the sequel to the 1987 movie Wall Street! Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps earned $19 million and won this past weekend. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole took 2nd with $16.3 million, followed by The Town with $16 million. Easy A beat out You Again as Emma Stone’s movie earned$10.7 million and Kristen Bell’s earned $8.3 million. (did you know that Emma Stone is rumored to be considered as a leading lady in the new Spiderman? Guess as who!) Which film did you see this weekend? I actually watched The Town again! Look for reviews on Legend of the Guardians, Wall Street:MNS, and others to come soon this week!

#2– “The Hobbit Happening?” Amid financial woes from MGM, the loss of director Guillermo del Toro, and other little obstacles, The Hobbit has had a difficult journey making it to the big screen. Here comes yet another. Several different actors unions (including the Screen Actor’s Guild) have issued statements to warn actors from signing on with the project since the movie’s “anti-union” producers allegedly refused to sign deals with local New Zealand performers. Actors are not prohibited from joining up with the movie, but consequences could be dire for them if they do. This roadblock, undoubtedly, has frustrated executive producer Peter Jackson (director of LOTR trilogy). Jackson has issued a response which states that this is simply a move of money and power on the part of the unions. He also threatened to move all filming to Europe if the “actors block” is not lifted. And I quote:

“The conspiracy theories are numerous, so take your pick: We have done better in recent years, with attracting overseas movies — and the Australians would like a greater slice of the pie, which begins with them using The Hobbit to gain control of our film industry. There is a twisted logic to seeing NZ humiliated on the world stage, by losing the Hobbit to Eastern Europe. Warners would take a financial hit that would cause other studios to steer clear of New Zealand.

— Seriously, if the Hobbit goes east (Eastern Europe in fact) — look forward to a long dry big budget movie drought in this country.”

Wow! They had better hurry, or I’m afraid that MGM may look at this project (in light of their failing finances) and tell The Hobbit “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!”…..I hope not.

#3– “It Not Easy Being Green!” We all know now that Mark Ruffalo (Shutter Island, Collateral) will be playing the part of Dr. Bruce Banner in the upcoming Avengers movie from Marvel. But, it’s just been released that he will also be playing the part of The Hulk! Scratching your head yet? Whereas the past two Hulk films have used strictly CGI for the “jolly” green giant, The Avengers film will be using Mark Ruffalo in the same fashion that Peter Jackson used Andy Serkis as Gollum in LOTR and James Cameron used Sam Worthington in Avatar.

So, Mark Ruffalo will be the third actor to play Bruce Banner in a movie, but the first actor to play The Hulk! I’d love to see Ruffalo hurl a garbage truck towards an enemy!

#4– “Underworld Under Production?” One of my favorite trilogies looks like it will soon be a “four-ology” (that’s right! I made up the word!) Underworld 4 is coming. AND!!!!! Kate Beckinsale has officially signed on to join the project and reprise her role as the death-dealer Selene. Len Wiseman, director of the first two installments, will produce the film this time and is searching for a director. Production is scheduled to begin in Vancouver in March 2011! Oh man! I can’t wait. One major strength of this series is their usage of the same actors/actresses for the same characters in every film! I hope that they continue this. Good start with Kate Beckinsale and husband Len Wiseman!

#5– “Blu-Ray release for September 28th!” Three movies release tomorrow, two of which are exciting films to buy. Get Him to the Greek, Iron Man2, and Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. Bother with Get Him to the Greek if you want. Click here to read the review. But Iron Man2 and Superman/Batman: Apocalypse are where it’s at!

First off, Iron Man2 will have several special features including behind the scenes info and footage of the Thor movie, a featurette on Samuel L. Jackson and Nick Fury, and other special features. In doing some research I also found that Best Buy (I like to shop there!) will have a special doorbuster price for it on Blu-Ray! Go get this one!

 Also, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse bring The Dark Knight and the Son of Krypton together once again in a battle against Darkseid to save the world from imminent destruction! Featuring the voice talents of Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy! Can’t wait to check out this one also!

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!

The Scarlet Sp1der

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