Gordon Gekko Gets Going

Gordon Gekko’s Back! Michael Douglas and Shia LaBeouf costar in this sequel to the 1987 classic original about the corporate giant Gordon Gekko’s fall from grace…only this addition to the story features Gekko’s resurrection, if you will. After being released from jail for 8 years for insider trading, Gekko finds his way back to New York City during the beginnings of the recession that hit economies worldwide in 2008. Many things have changed in the world, including the fact that his estranged daughter is engaged to a young aspiring Wall Street jockey (LaBeouf) named Jake Moore. This film follows Moore and his quest to find retribution and resolutions to financial, business, and personal issues through seeking advice from the disgraced Gekko…much to the chagrin of his fiancée, Winnie Gekko.

This movie won the box office last weekend, and I honestly was a little surprised. After checking it out, I see why it won.

First off…the cast! Michael Douglas brings his persona, style, and attitude right into the role of Gordon Gekko and plays it well. Watching it, you will have a certain sense and longing for Gekko. He makes you go back and forth in what you believe about Gekko. “Is Gordon rehabilitated? Is he still just as greedy? Is he trying to reconcile with his daughter? Oh, wait! Is he only looking out for himself? Arrgghh! I can’t tell yet!” Josh Brolin’s character makes you despise all that he does (Way to come back, Brolin, after the embarrassing Jonah Hex movie!), while Shia LaBeouf does well at his somewhat regular role! Carey Mulligan (Never Let Me Go, Public Enemies, Pride&Prejudice) performed the part of Winnie Gekko admirably. Congratulations to the casting director in landing the parts so well. All of the cast work to bring this movie together!

Secondly, the plot. Without adding any spoilers, I will just tell you that I wasn’t expecting the type of storyline…and subplots…that are in this film. As the film progressed, I almost started to think that there were too many side stories going on, but it all tied together at the end. Everything that’s in the movie relates to the plot and how the story concludes for the characters involved. Personal and professional struggles strengthen relationships and the character of the people in the movie. You will see what I mean, should you venture to watch it.

Third, the expected vs. the unexpected. You begin to suspect certain things as you watch the film. The director does a nice job of teasing you with hints and ideas for the plot and when you think you have Gekko figured out, you realize you don’t, and then you think you do again…but, you don’t! Is he a great villain? is he a greedy guy? is he a failed father seeking redemption? is he nobody? Who is this guy?! haha. The suspense and dynamic between he and Jake Moore (LaBeouf) made for a great movie!

A film about deception, greed, family, friendship, setups, corporate America, redemption, and more! The plot thickens! While some parts of the film may be slow and others may lose you as a lot of financial jargon is present, stick with it, it’s worth it! A little predictable toward the end, but fun to watch. Go check out Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps! It just may be an enriching investment! ( 🙂 was that line too much? hahaha Had to throw it in there!)

Thanks for reading!  

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

 –The Sp1der’s Score 7 out of 10 stars Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”


  1. Spider, I’m much more in line with your thinking than with Dan the Man’s on this one. I really thought it had a lot of good things going for it (including Douglas), the main thing holding it back was LaBueof or however the hell you spell it. LOL.

    Thanks for linking into your comment over there!


    • haha, Yeah, poor Castor. I think his site gets misspelled often…but I enjoy the page very much!

      I follow your page now via WordPress Reader and try to stay updated. I’m not sure how so many bloggers have time to follow everyone, comment everywhere, and work on their own page…PLUS have a life and work, etc. I am impressed and humbled by so many of you. But I will be sure to stop in more often and read your work!


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