Navigating TheScarletSp1der’s Blog: Q&A

Welcome and thank you for visiting TheScarletSp1der’s Web! In order to help your visits be a little bit easier to navigate the page, I wanted to give you a few tips on using the site! For those here for the first time, or those of you who’ve been here since the beginning…the following are some need to know hints and tips for the page! Several questions I have been asked in the past about the site are answered below. Thanks for swinging by!

Everything you pretty much need is in the right-hand margin of the page! —->

#1- Are you on facebook? Guess what? There is a facebook page for the site: Follow/add TheScarletSp1der’s facebook page to your list of “Likes” on facebook. Suggest to your friends. Here’s the link to the page: (It’s also in the righthand margin).

#2- How often do you post content? Almost every day. Sometimes the weekends remain silent, but that’s because I’m watching more movies to send you to, or to protect you from!

#3- I’m looking for info about something TheScarletSp1der wrote about in the past. How do I find it? If you’re looking for info about any particular movie/trailer/actor/director/etc, use the search box to look for segments that feature the subject of your search on the site. That box is located (you guessed it) in the righthand margin.

#4- How do I find a particular movie review? There is a link for the entire list of movie reviews at the top of the righthand margin. You can click on the page and see all of the titles and their score. From there you can click any movie title and be taken directly to it’s movie review. 

#5- How do I subscribe and what happens then? There is a subscribe button, again…in the righthand margin, that will allow you to become a subscriber to the site. As a subscriber you will (1) receive email notification of when posts are published; (2) receive a monthly newsletter from TheScarletSp1der about new contests and events for the site; and (3) receive access to certain polls that are only for subscribers to pick which film for TheScarletSp1der to review next.

#6- What is the Blogroll? In the righthand margin is a section entitled “Blogroll.” These are fun pages of other movie bloggers that I visit regularly. Pay them a visit if you’d like as well.

#7- Do you have any particular posts that are your favorites? Yes. I am always adding to the new section in the righthand margin that is called “Some of MY favorite posts.” Check them out if you’d like.

#8- Can I comment on your page? Yes! and please do! An author always loves seeing that his work is read and provokes thought! Especially after working so hard on what they’ve written. If you like, agree, dislike, or disagree with a post…feel free to comment. I love hearing your thoughts. If it requires an email, and you don’t wish to provide one, then be creative with one! You can also email me at

#9- Can I rate a post that I like? Yes! on the bottom of every post you can rate what you thought about it. 1-5 stars. Please enjoy as you rate the work on the page. If you don’t like it or if you do. Feel free to rate every post. Rate this one!

#10- What are the segments you regularly post? Movie News Monday (movie news), Time To Vote Tuesday (weekly fun poll), Trailer Time Thursday (movie previews), Subscriber’s Selection (Subcriber’s pick for review), and Just for Fun. The categories are actually, once again, listed in the righthand margin. You can click a particular category and be taken to all of the posts in that category.

#11- Who is TheScarletSp1der? Also in the righthand margin of the page! 🙂

As always,

Thanks for reading! Happy watching!



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