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Let Me In, the newest rendition of the Swedish film entitled Let the Right One In, is a unique and almost odd blend of two stories of mystery/intrigue/horror and love/innocence/childhood. It crosses back and forth between the two genres and carries your emotions along with it back and forth in a see-saw type of manner. It seems like an odd blend, but it works so well in this film. This remake is a lot deeper than just a regular “vampire” movie. The connection made between the two main characters in this film is the type that Bella and Edward of Twilight fame could only dream of having.

This movie really is not as much of a scary horror flick as it is just a story about a simple boy -bullied, friendless, and alone- who befriends a young girl his age that, he soon learns, is more than she appears. The advertisements and trailers for this movie do give a bit of a different view about the plot than what it really is. The fact that she is a vampire (an established fact in the trailer), though, does not mean that this film is all blood and gore. Actually, that aspect takes a backseat to the actual plot and meaning of the movie. It’s about a young boy and an eternally young girl who create a bond that, despite their differences, cannot be shaken. Don’t get me wrong…there is a level of violence, blood, and gore (She is a Vampire!! Hello!), but the movie itself does not center around that fact and I was impressed. (Perhaps this fact makes you want to see it more, or see it less now.)

The two young actors in this film are absolutely engrossing and captivating. They carry the film so well. As the main character, Owen, (a young stand-offish, socially ostracized boy living in a troubled home, seeking human connection and affection) and the mysterious girl-next-door, Abby, hesitantly, begin forging a friendship, you cannot help but be entranced every time the two of them appear on the screen together. If everyone cared for one another in this world the way that these two cared for each other, this planet would be a much better place. It is all about letting people in to your life and heart, inviting them in, and taking care of them. (Funny, you weren’t expecting all of this from a “scary-horror” flick, were you?) The children were, indeed, the light in this dark film as they encourage each other and increase their inner strength.

There are several slow parts in the film and it does drag on for a little bit, but every slow scene is used to strengthen the characters, storyline, and mystery. Many people who absolutely love the original film are now saying to not be afraid of this remake (as most remakes end up brutalizing the story of the original). I was glued to my seat all the way to the end in wonder as to how director Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) would finish the story. There is a lot of depth to the characters and plot.

In an era where Hollywood is insistent upon creating remakes, and where only a few original films make it to the big screen (Inception, The Social Network), Let Me In has seemingly, singlehandedly set the bar for the level of quality that remakes need to contain. And, on a lighter note, it was nice seeing a vampire flick that brought back some of the actual vampire lore, instead of all of this Twilight stuff. Bravo!

Thanks for reading!  

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

 –The Sp1der’s Score 7 out of 10 stars Let Me In”

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  1. I’ve been extremely hesitant to watch this, as the original is one of my fav vampire movies ever. I just didn’t see the point in a remake. I will probably end up streaming it when its available tho


    • This was such a good movie. I highly recommend watching it. so many loyalists to the original have stated that this is an amazingly done remake! Plus, a lot of it was filmed in my state! 🙂


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