The Boys are Back…and in 3D

The likes of Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Wee Man, Steve-O, Chris Pontius and more return in this third movie installment of the highly wild, controversial, crazy, laugh-inducing franchise based on the MTV series of the same name and style. Parents, let me warn you now, this is NOT a movie the whole family can enjoy together…I guarantee you.

In classic college boy fashion, the boys are up to all of their crazy, raunchy, crotch-hitting stunts that made them famous all over again. Just like the first two films, this one gets all those shock and awe moments right out there to induce repeated cheap laughter from the audiences. The plot/goal of the movie is to share their “ingenius” stunts in order to make you laugh, vomit, cry, or just flat out walk out of the theater (depending on your  taste and limits for comedy). It had its moments where I laughed so hard (Beehive Tetherball and Duckhunting), but it also had moments where I wish I hadn’t seen it (Port-a-potty bungie ride, etc). This film is crazy, with the wildboys doing all they can to either be appalling or appealing.

There is a high level of profanity, male nudity, stupidity, and pranking in this film. It is a tearjerker. You may cry as a result of laughing so hard, and then, in the next scene, you may cry because you are sad that you just sat through the stunt that just came up on the screen. As usual, I will not add any spoilers into this review, other than what you may happen to see in the trailers, but this film is….well, it’s something else.

I did watch the first two when they released. In relation to them, this 3rd installment comes in second to the first one. Johnny Knoxville and crew went back to the feel of the first one after going off track with the second film. The 3D in this movie is not all that. Honestly, you may wish to un-see some of the things in this film in 3D!! You’ve been warned. If watching 30-40yr old guys perform juvenille and purely acenide stunts that most extreme daredevils wouldn’t even attempt is your thing, then go see this movie. Nothing seems funnier to this group of friends than seeing one of their crew writhing in pain in the fetal position after being hit in the groin. A little bit of self-degredation which, admittedly, I enjoyed most of myself! Some of the funniest parts of this movie were the friends’ faces and reactions to the pain of the unlucky participant of the stunt. (and for those of you that know who Steve-O is, rest assured: Steve-O is “Steve-O.”)

As a movie, it’s, well, it’s different. As a Jackass film…it’s pretty well done! I laughed here and there! But it does get old as the ideas have almost all been seen before in their tv show and previous movies, they just took it up a notch. In the end, I must rate this as a movie, instead of a Jackass movie.

Thanks for reading!  

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

 –The Sp1der’s Score Overall: 4 out of 10 stars Jackass 3D”

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  1. But how would you rate it as a Jackass movie? I think for the most part people would understand it being rated as a jackass film since its…well…jackass lol


    • Ah! Great question! I’ve been asked that several times now. Allow me to answer. As a Jackass light of the genre..I would give it a 7 or 8! It was fun…but lacked some originality and didn’t need to be 3d. But it was better than the 2nd in my opinion. Are you going to go see it? Thanks so much for commenting!


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