It’s “Time to Vote Tuesday!”19

Welcome to another session of “Time to Vote Tuesday!” Last week’s poll “The Dynamic DeNiro Duos” has now closed! Thanks to everyone that voted. Click here to see the overall results of last week’s poll if you’d like! There is a movie that De Niro starred with Robin Williams in called Awakenings (1990) that I’ve been wanting to check out. If you get a chance, watch the trailer here! It looks rather impressive and I can’t believe I’ve missed it.

Recently, Yahoo featured a photo slideshow of Hollywood’s baddest baldies! but the mix of actors to choose from didn’t quite work for me. All of them were different actors in different genres of film. Check it out here if you wish. So, now on “Time to Vote Tuesday!” our weekly poll focuses on the hairless heroes of Hollywood! I tend to think my choices today are better than Yahoo’s. I ask of you…


By the way, did you happen to catch the degrees of separation among these actors this time around? Dwayne Johnson to Michael Clarke Duncan (The Scorpion King); Michael Clarke Duncan to Bruce Willis (Armageddon); Bruce Willis to Samuel L. Jackson (Unbreakable); and Samuel L. Jackson to Vin Diesel (xXx)! Pretty cool, huh?!

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!



  1. I’m sorry to say it, best friend, but this isn’t much of a poll. No one could possibly beat Bruce Willis. He is simply the baddest of the bad a$$!


    • we will just have to see how the poll plays out! 🙂 I think that the other guys could give Willis a run for his money. Him vs. Michael Clarke Duncan! come on….not sure Willis would walk away from that battle! When it comes to acting, Samuel Jackson has proven to be very successful and very versatile as well. Jedimaster, cop, comicbook character, snakekiller, animated superhero, videogame voice, and more! actually, all of the actors on the poll have varied their performances quite well in my opinion. We shall see, huh? 😉 haha! Thanks for voting!!


  2. Ahahaha… hairless action hero, good one Scarlet! My vote goes to Willis because, well, he’s John McClane!! Yes Scarlet, he CAN walk away from a battle, I mean, you don’t call him Die Hard for nothing 🙂 Plus, not only is he a bad a$$ action star, he’s proven adept at dramatic fares as well (The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable). I like Dwayne but despite his charisma, the dude really can’t act. He and Sam Jackson in The Other Guys were funny though.


    • I do have a feeling that Willis will win this poll. You make some solid points btw. But all of them have had some great flicks, and some that, well, weren’t great. I actually wouldn’t mind voting for Samuel L. Jackson. He acts purely for the love of doing so. Some of his roles have made me ask “Why, Samuel L.?” But he accepts roles, no matter how big or small if he likes the part because he really just enjoys acting. I respect that. I think that Willis will win, but I do enjoy being the advocate for the other “hairless heroes” in this case! 🙂 Thanks for voting. I can almost hear you defending Bruce Willis in person! You, and my friend TheSilkSpectre!


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