Movie News Monday for October 25, 2010!

The weekend is OVER! (sorry) But with that being said, that means it is Monday, and when it’s Monday that means it is time, once again for “MOVIE NEWS MONDAY!!” Hooray! Welcome back to another great session of MNM! What is MNM? Well, MNM (or Movie News Monday) is the place to go every Monday for a quick recap of trending entertainment news! Keeping you updated on movies being released, actors/actresses in roles, dvd releases to keep a lookout for, which movie won in the box office over the weekend, etc! Hope you enjoy!

This Just In!!…

#1– “Weekend Box Office Winner.” So, if you are a fan of my TheScarletSp1der’s Movie Blog Facebook page, then you might have seen the predictions I made on Thursday about what the results would be for the weekend. Not gonna brag, but, let’s just say… predictions for at least the top 5 weren’t too far off! Here’s what I had predicted vs. what actually happened.

I imagine that congratulations are in order for Paranormal Activity2 in that it now claims the throne as having the highest grossing debut weekend out of any horror movie ever, and the 5th highest October debut weekend of all time! I have already heard online chatter about PA3 in the talks. Sequels, sequels, sequels (“shakes head”), oh, well. Which film(s) did you see this weekend?

#2– “Spielberg loves robots….A.I., Transformers, and now…Robopocalypse?!” Steven Spielberg, the highly acclaimed and successful director and producer has announced the new project he has committed to direct. Enter Robopocalypse. Since Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Spielberg has been working on directing two films which both are scheduled to release in December 2011- The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn and Warhorse. Production for Robopocalypse is set to begin just a few days after those two films release. Based on the Daniel H. Wilson novel of the same name, Robopocalypse focuses on mankind’s fight for survival in the midst of an android/robot uprising to take over the world. (Similar to I, Robot I am guessing). If you wish to know more about the film, be sure to pick up the book after it is published in June 2011. Spielberg’s filmed rendition of the novel is set to become a theatrical wonder in 2013 (tentatively).

Ironically, this past week, Jack Black and director Steve Pink (Hot Tub Time Machine) secured the rights to Wilson’s novel that precedes Robopocalypse. It’s called How to Survive a Robot Uprising. The film version of the book is set to tentatively release sometime in 2011. Looks fun-both the books and the movies!!

#3-“Depp on a Diet?” Johnny Depp trying to get thin? How? Slimfast? Atkins? Lean Cuisine? Nope…via Hollywood! Johnny Depp expressed interest lately in reviving one of his favorite icons from the past…The Thin Man. Depp’s wishes for this proposed remake include filling the classic title role himself with director Rob Marshall (Pirates of the Caribbean4, Chicago, Nine) at the helm for Warner Bros. studios. William Powell, the original Thin Man, played the part for a total of 6 movies about the stylish sleuth Nick Charles. Currently, no script exists, as Depp is still wrapping up Pirates of the Caribbean4, but I can absolutely see him as The Thin Man. He is set on producing the film and adding in a few musical parts as well. So, what do you think? I’m intrigued….I like classics and believe that Depp would be perfect for this one.

#4-“Blu-ray release for October 26, 2010.” Back to the Future trilogy! It’s the 25th Anniversay edition available for the first time in Blu-ray! This is a must-have! It doesn’t get much better than Doc and Marty at 88mph with flux capacitors and a time-travelling DeLorean DMC-12! Times 3!!! Make sure you get this one on Tuesday. If you miss it, well, let’s just say that I hope you are personal friends with Doc and Marty to be able to go back and get it then. (oh…..and Sex and the City2 also releases, if you must know)

#5– “Honorable Mention Stories.”

  • A. George Lucas is getting to be pretty serious about creating a third and “final” trilogy of the Star Wars Saga that takes place after the events of The Return of the Jedi.
  • B. The Hobbit finally has a green light with director, locations, cast and crew (visit here to see a fun article featuring casting info for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit).
  • C. Mel Gibson recently booted from The Hangover2 cameo and replaced with Liam Neeson due to cast’s irreconcilable differences on the subject of the controversial Gibson’s involvement.

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!


up next: “Time to Vote Tuesday”


  1. MNM, nice acronym T, love it! Thanks for the shout out, you are awesome… I was so happy to hear one of my favorite Brits finally got a prominent role!

    Wow, Spielberg does love his robots, doesn’t he? I did like AI and he’s got one with Hugh Jackman called Reel Steel I think. But out of his upcoming projects, I’m excited for Tintin as it was one of my fave comics growing up.


    • “thanks for the shout out”–no problem! I liked your article on the subject! thought you’d click the link too. I imagined your surprise when being taken directly to your blog! 🙂

      thank you, btw, for adding me into your blogroll. Really appreciate being on your page.

      “Reel Steel”–can’t believe I missed that one, I will look it up!
      Thanks again!


    • “lucky guess”!!! Humph!! hahaha. Thanks for stopping by, I’ll see what else I can conjure up about the two subjects! But the Star Wars stuff comes as no surprise. Lucas talked about that back in the 80s.


  2. Nice to see that a young fella such as yourself is so familiar with the old classics as well. Depp as the “Thin Man”– good analysis!


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