It’s “Time to Vote Tuesday!” 21

Welcome once again to another session of “Time to Vote Tuesday!” Last week’s poll “The Celebrity Crush Confessions” has now closed! Thanks to everyone that voted. Click here to see the overall results of last week’s poll if you’d like! I honestly didn’t think that Amy Adams would walk away with as many votes as she did. Thanks again everybody!

Today being Election Tuesday, I thought it “altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.” You ask, “Do what?” Well, I say it’s time for superheroes to be elected as President and Vice-President of the United States! Just do it already! 🙂

So…Here are the rules:

  1. There are 8 nominees below for you to vote for.
  2. The political parties are Marvel and D.C. (you don’t have to vote for two in the same party).
  3. You must vote for two, though…1 for President, and 1 for Vice-President.
  4. Leave a comment about who you prefer to be Prez vs. Vice-Prez and WHY.
  5. Poll closes next Tuesday morning. -Most votes wins Prez, 2nd most votes wins Vice-Prez.
  6. You are permitted to leave Superhero Political Propaganda in the comments section! –highly encouraged!
  7. Share this poll with your friends, Like to get as many votes as we can for this one! Thanks!

Hit the vote button!

Today, I ask you…

(RESULTS available HERE)!

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!


Be sure to visit next Tuesday for another fun weekly poll and to see the results for this one!


  1. Ok, let’s think about this. Professor X odd known for cool, calm reason, and us experienced with guiding a whole bunch of very different people from all kinds of different backgrounds. Wonder Woman is experienced in leading her people already. They are obviously the best choices. Tony Stark is a drunk, nobody likes Bruce Banner when he gets angry, and Bruce Wayne is mentally disturbed. The others are just unimportant. So really, who is best qualified for the job?


    • I noticed that you didn’t take on the subject of Superman though. That’s a tough one to get around. And I could see Bruce Banner having value as President. He is smart, and our enemies would definitely not wanna tick him off! And Tony Stark might just bring peace like no other could! 🙂 Glad you pointed out Diana’s strengths. RTM brings up some valid points for Batman as VP!

      Thanks for voting and commenting! Love it!


      • Banner would be far too much of a security risk. If someone spilled coffee on him or a reporter said the wrong thing we’d have a national crisis on our hands. Other countries would send people to the white house all the time for the sole purpose of ticking him off.


    • Wayne walks a very dark thin line but because of this he already knows how to deal with being on the edge and how not to get pushed over it. He’s amazing in that way. Don’t have to worry about him going bad beacuse he’s trained his entire life walking on the edge. Someone who’s never been that close to the edge or that far into the dark doesn’t know what they’ll do when they get pushed. I’d trust Bruce but he does need someone to balance him.


  2. This is an awesome poll T, I wish I were seeing these folks on those political campaign ads on tv 😉 I voted for Professor X as Prez… I don’t mind someone who knows what being an outcast feels like to govern a country, plus he seems like a wise person. I agree with SilkSpectre about X’s ability to work with people from many backgrounds.

    I’m thinking Bruce Wayne with his business magnate prowess might be good as VP, he might be a bit on the edge to be the chief but under the guidance of a cool-headed older mentor who can reign him in, he would be an awesome ally to keep the country safe from thugs. Plus, he doesn’t like being in the limelight so as a VP he can be more on the background. He..he..


  3. Poor Amy Adams, 0 vote??!?!?!?!? I would have voted for her, had I known 😦 But Rachel McAdams, duh! Looking forward to Morning Glory 🙂

    As for this new poll, I obviously have to vote for myself here.


    • Yes, Ruth told me that you were a big Rachel McAdams fan! As am I! Morning Glory is on my countdown radar! Thanks for voting! I actually added Capt. America to this poll in case you stopped by. I was going to put Wolverine in, but figured Cap made a much better/obvious choice! haha. Thanks for commenting and voting!


  4. This was a good one, nice job Scarlet! At first I thought that Xavier would be the obvious pick but after delving into the characters I had to reconsider. Xavier is thought of as being wise and understanding and with his psychic abilities he sounds promising. Problem is that if you look into Xavier’s character you’ll see he doesn’t listen to anyone (but Storm sometimes) when he wants something done. He doesn’t collaborate, it’s his way or his way. And his way isn’t always the best way (ex: the collapse of the X-men that left a number of them dead and the White Queen in charge of the school with Scott). Plus we’ve seen just how bad things go when the most powerful psychic mind on the planet makes a mistake and goes bad (look-up Onslaught). Charles’ inability to take other’s viewpoints when he has made up his mind and his ability to mentally control or mind wipe everyone makes me not choose him. Do you really want a president that leaves you wondering if that idea was yours or if it was his that he implanted in your head? Don’t say he wouldn’t do that because he has… many times (see Onslaught).


  5. If I were to vote for just a president I would probably vote for Tony Stark on this list. Yeah he has a drinking problem that he’s been recovering from (he’s got it under control for years now) and is a bit of a playboy but I’m sure we’ve had far worse in office. He’s a briliant engineer and was a great politician for a time that actually did put the people’s needs first. Besides, how can you NOT vote for the guy that successfully privitized world peace?! However, I think there is a better Pres/VP combo and thus my vote goes to Superman and Batman. Superman is the great boyscout and ultimate optimistic. He always sees the good in people and finds hope in any situation. This leaves him vulnerable to deception. Batman, however, is the ultimate pessimist. He always sees the bad in people and both plans and expects the worst. The two of them always work well together and balance each other out near perfectly. Superman would be the guiding light and hope and strength in the limelight of the presidency for the people while Batman was free to work in the shadows protecting our nations from threats we will never hear about. I’d also want Captain America in the cabinet (imagine the tactical planning and stratedgy sessions he and Batman would have… ooohh, goosebumps).


  6. Wow! 66 votes so far! that is definitely a record! Professor X is not in the lead as of this moment any longer. I can’t believe how close this race has gotten! thanks to everyone that has voted and shared the poll via facebook, wordpress, etc. Poll will close on Tuesday morning before the next weekly poll arrives!

    May the last minute propoganda and sharing commence! 🙂


  7. Seriously…who votes for aliens? They blew up their own world…why oh why would we put one in office?!? Batman/Ironman tandom is too much alike. Both are business moguls, millionaires, and playboys. So vote for the playboys of DC/Marvel Universes. Is it better to be feared or respected? I say why cann’t we have both.


    • Who better to lead the way than someone who’s been there and can see how to avoid it. They blew up the planet by not knowing. We may be headed the same way and not know it. We can be a great people, we just lack the light to lead us the way. Vote for Superman, save our future!


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