Fathers, Firearms, and Funny Friends!

Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey, Jr team up as an highly unlikely duo on a mission to get Peter (RDJ) from Atlanta to Los Angeles in time for the birth of his first son. They were on a cross-country flight, but due to unforeseen circumstances…the two must now travel by car because they both landed themselves on the “no-fly” list. And so, the adventure begins to be in L.A. by the Due Date.

Honestly, one of the main reasons I went to see this film is because parts of it were shot in my city. (I think that’s why most people in this area will be checking it out! *For those in my city, there are more shots of the Big LC than just the trailer shot of the car flipping off of the bridge.)! Aside from the fascination of seeing local road signs, very little grabbed my attention when it came to RDJ’s latest. I am glad for Robert Downey, Jr.’s most recent successes as Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes, but I wish he would have strayed away from this one.

The plot circles around Peter’s travels, along with his impossible companions Ethan (ZG), the aspiring actor, and his dog, in order to reach his wife in time for the due date of his firstborn child. Along the way they encounter friends, discuss dad-in-a-can, have run-ins with the law, face firearm mishaps, visit the Grand Canyon, get into car accidents, and more as they reluctantly cohabitate together in the confines of a small vehicle for over 2000 miles! While they may wonder if their trip will ever end, I began wondering if the movie would ever end. It honestly bored quite often until the inevitable sporadic laughs came and went. Even rarer in appearance were the character developing moments that, surprisingly, did make their way into the story as you learn about Ethan’s past. Do not expect as much humor…or the same in kind…as what you saw from the producers’ other film The Hangover, but do expect a few moments of crudeness as was in The Hangover as well.

Due Date deals with issues of fatherhood and friendship as the two main characters work out differences and dilemmas on the road to family and forgiveness. Speed bumps and unbelievable obstacles stand in the way of such worthy goals, but their adventure points to the determination that one needs to accomplish a desired goal. A good surmise, but the story (while not original) could have been told better without certain elements or story parts. Jamie Foxx’s part in the film was almost inconsequential as well.

While parts of this film did bore, and while other parts were not essential to the plot, Due Date did tie in the story well at the end. I liked how everything worked out for the characters so that, in the end, Due Date is not a movie to abort. But, if you are hoping for the comedic film of the century, or the family film of the century…it’s not. Go see it, but I recommend waiting to rent it once it releases. If you saw it, what did you think? Let me know. Ultimately, I was disappointed.

Thanks for reading this review: Short, Sweet, and to the point!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

The Sp1der’s Score: Overall: 4.5 out of 10 stars “Due Date“


  1. Ah the reviews for this movie have been very tepid, I probably shouldn’t go and see and wait for the rental as you advise it but it’s been so long since I stepped foot in a theater…

    Good review sp1der!


    • I appreciate you stopping by! I will be checking out Megamind tomorrow, I believe, but felt like avoiding the theaters this weekend afterall. It seemed like a pretty dismal blockbuster weekend as next weekend I look forward to checking out Skyline and possibly 127 Hours…..not to sure about sitting thru that as Ruth mentioned on her page! Thanks for the support! We’ll see if good ol’ Cap wins the polls come Tuesday morning!


  2. Nice review, T, I totally understand you’re curious about this as it was shot in your neck of the woods. I’d probably be more interested if it had been shot in the Twin Cities, too. Not sure if I’ll even rent this one, maybe if there’s absolutely nothing else 🙂

    Say, I just posted something on Blade Runner (as you highly recommended it)… would love to hear what you think of it.


    • Right! Jamie Foxx?? I could easily see this movie without him and RDJ. Keep Zack, replace RDJ with Luke Wilson, and replace Jamie Foxx with someone like Chris Tucker with more input and plot and the movie casting choices would have been better…..maybe! Thanks for stopping by. I liked your review. Noticed you loved Conviction and Megamind! Nice! will be commenting soon!


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