Behold what Morning Glory the Daybreak brings!

An exuberant Rachel McAdams and an “overly ecstatic” Harrison Ford star opposite each other in this delightfully enjoyable, slightly-romantic comedy entitled Morning Glory. In case you haven’t seen the trailer (it’s posted towards the end of this review), Morning Glory features Becky Fuller: a single 28yr old television morning show producer who recruits tv news anchor legend Mike Pomeroy (Ford) in hopes of raising the popularity and ratings of the dying morning show, Daybreak.

What makes this movie a “win”? (….because it is a “win” by the way). It is a trifecta of greatness: enjoyable cast; realistic character development; and a fun, although somewhat predictable, storyline. Let’s take a closer look shall we?

1. Enjoyable Cast: First and foremost…Rachel McAdams! Once you get past the awe of her beauty you find that her acting abilities are not to be underestimated. She plays the part of Becky Fuller with grace, enthusiasm, determination, and liveliness (which are all characteristics of the role she is playing). I see why the casting crew chose her for the lead. You’d have to practically be an alien from outerspace to not find enjoyment from her part in this film. She brightened up the film in every scene. Harrison Ford’s role in this movie as the contractually obligated, reluctant and bitter tv news anchor is one of his best performances, if not his best, outside of his typecast of characters (i.e. the Indiana Jones and Han Solo types). To quote my friend, Castor, “Harrison Ford is a riot!” (Click here to visit Castor’s great review). The other supporting actors of the cast (a sarcastic Jeff Goldblum, a “prima donna” Diane Keaton, a doting Patrick Wilson, and more) all add bits and pieces to the movie as a whole that enable the story to play out as real life situations would take place….which leads to point #2!

2. Realistic character development: The entire movie long, all you hope for is that the characters in the movie succeed in their individual and collective goals. The movie very quickly ties your emotions with those of the main characters and takes you for the ride along with them. From Becky’s busy lifestyle to her unlucky attempts at romance. From her work to inspire a team to greatness to proving to her mom, boss, network, and self that anything is possible. From Mike Pomeroy’s hard-shelled, incooperative spirit to his own inner struggle with himself. From the studio’s acceptance of failure to the spark of life ignited to keep the show alive. From a veteran hostess kissing a frog to a hilarious weatherman’s crazy adventures. All of these stories and more are tied in to the film and keep the audience engaged and curious to know the outcome. The timing/attention paid to each respective character/group was just right in order for the story to be told well…which leads to point #3!

3. Fun, although somewhat predictable, storyline: A fresh, aspiring professional put in a position against insurmountable odds, and without much help, is forced to push several things aside, including pride and possibly love, in order to acheive a lifelong goal of success. We’ve seen it many times before, and the end is not too far off from what you might expect. But what sets this film apart from others of the same synopsis is point #1 and point #2. The circular reasoning works in favor of this film! 🙂 The way in which this story is told is a great tribute to the cast….and to the producers/directors/writers. Producer J.J. Abrams (Cloverfield, Star Trek, Super 8), Director Roger Michell (Notting Hill, Changing Lanes), and Writer Aline Brosh McKenna (Devil Wears Prada, Laws of Attraction).

I had high hopes and great expectations for this film and truly enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It exceeded those expectations gloriously! I recommend checking this one out soon! I’d like to also thank my friend, TheSilkSpectre, for accompanying me to this film. We had a blast!

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

The Sp1der’s Score: Overall: 8 out of 10 stars “Morning Glory“

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Here’s the trailer for you in case you missed it! A lot of fun!


  1. Happy to see that you enjoyed it that much Scarlet 🙂 It’s refreshing breath of fresh air to see a movie with a strong-willed, independent heroine who isn’t just some helpless object. Certainly, it’s not perfect: It’s quite predictable, a little too corny at the end with all those pop song montage and the romance between Patrick Wilson between Rachel McAdams’ characters felt completely extraneous


    • thanks for the comment! yes sir I really enjoyed it. Hadn’t seen a movie like it in some time. True, Wilson’s and McAdams’ romance was somewhat “extraneous” but I think it still added a nice aspect by handling Becky another thing to juggle. It allowed us to see more into her life which gives the romance value. It served its purpose. But other than that…I would agree with you….it was unnecessary.


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