The Sky is Falling!?…nope. Skyline Falls Short!

So…let me tell you a little story. A story about an avid movie watcher (me) and how his level of excitement steadily declined when it comes to the subject of the latest alien invasion movie entitled Skyline.

First there was a tease of a trailer featuring Dan Rather reporting, that ended with a jaw-dropping scene of people being sucked up into a spaceship, much like anything that happens to be on my floor as I vacuum with my Dyson. I couldn’t wait to post the trailer on “Trailer Time Thursday! 8.19.10” and my anticipation for this film grew, maybe even exponentially. I was super excited. Here’s the original trailer!

Then, over the next three months, other trailers popped up on the internet and tv. Still featuring Dan Rather, a few fast clips of aliens and spaceships, and a scene or two from around the world. By this time, a few suspicions were confirmed: It would mirror and copy quite a bit from ID4 and War of the Worlds. But, I still didn’t mind. It looked fun. I mean, PEOPLE ARE GETTING SUCKED UP INTO THE SKY!! Other trailers surfaced showing U.S. soldiers firing at aliens, one of them using a rocket launcher, and a rescue attempt with a helicopter that…..well, it fails!

I almost thought that the writers had been playing too much Halo and I half-expected to see MasterChief in the trailer! I should’ve realized that, as they were showing more to grab peoples’ attention, it was a last minute ditch effort to suck viewers into the film.

Then, FINALLY!! 11.12.10 arrives! I ran to my calendar and put a check mark next to the movie’s title that I had written down! “Can’t wait to check this one out! Woohoo, It’s going to be great! Right??!!”………………………………..wrong!

Here’s what’s NOT in this movie:

  • Good, believable acting
  • Dan Rather
  • MasterChief from Halo
  • Decent storyline
  • Anything that makes sense!
  • A refund coupon!

    MasterChief = NOT in this movie!

Imagine this moviegoer’s dismay as another alien-invasion film crashes. My hopes were dashed as I watched. The first half bored and you find yourself wanting to learn more about the aliens than caring about the characters at all. As expected, characters die in this survivor movie, and when they do, it doesn’t even matter. The second half has quite a bit of action, but many questions are left unanswered, characters go through no developmental changes, and the only thing you will care about is seeing the aliens! I will say, that this film went above and beyond what others have done by allowing us to see more of the aliens and their story…but then, come the end of it all, it goes too far and messes up any part of the film that was interesting. I think my stopwatch read “0:00:01” as I timed how long it took for me to exit the theater.

Dysons may suck, but so did this movie (different meaning, of course)! Skyline…a great, and perhaps expected, disappointment.

There is a little bit of a happy ending to this story. I liked some of the special effects and one of the trailers was amazing (you’ll see it on this week’s edition of “Trailer Time Thursday!”).

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

The Sp1der’s Score: Overall: 2 out of 10 stars “Skyline”

up next: “Movie News Monday!”


  1. Wow, Love it when i can save time and money by reading your reviews on these..dissappointed this movie is such a flop, was looking foward to it..BOO!!!! Thanks again for the post.Wont waste my time on Skyline.


  2. The very first trailer looked SOO good, but subsequent trailers made me hesitant…glad I won’t have to see this one! Sorry it was such a disappointment 😦 But there are plenty of good movies for the rest of fall/winter to make you forget about this one! 🙂


  3. This is by far the most entertaining review ever, Scarlet! It’s darn well more entertaining than the movie itself I’m sure. I really got a kick out of your ‘what’s NOT in this movie’ list 😀

    Y’know I never watched the trailer once, only the tv spots which I gotta admit looks pretty enticing. I too like alien invasion stuff, though the cast doesn’t appeal to me at all and I’ve seen that main guy in a few tv stuff but in general didn’t impress me.

    In any case, sorry that you’re disappointed, especially after you’ve anticipated it for so long.


    • thank you for the compliment! It’s funny, now that you mention it…ALL of the actors I recognized, I knew from television shows and not any actual movies. Donald Faison-Scrubs, Eric Balfour-24, Scottie Thompson-NCIS, well….what do you expect!?!

      I think I had a lot more fun writing the review than I did watching the film!


  4. Fortunately I was too busy to go to the cinema to watch this. As a sci-fi geek, I was interested with this movie but haven’t found time to watch it yet…your review gives me doubt


      • I’ll take your advice then, will wait for it on TV (which will take 3 to 4 years from now) or borrow it from a friend (once the DVD comes out).

        I’m waiting for Due Date now. I hope that movie is as fun as the trailler


      • I will, but I still have to wait till it gets here.
        I am really curious with that unusual team up. If the movie isn’t as good as I expected, at least I still get to see my eye candy, RDJ 😉


  5. I am trying to decide if I should see this for entertainment value (somes movies lik ID:4 and 2012 are so bad they are hilariously entertaining) now or rent on Blu Ray. Hmmm…


  6. […] Imagine taking the games  Halo and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and the movies Black Hawk Down and Independence Day; putting them into a blender; and mixing them up real well. The resulting mix that would pour into your glass would be Battle: Los Angeles! A very delectable movie for you to drink in! After the horrible and highly disappointing alien film Skyline, Battle: Los Angeles is a film that greatly makes up for it. (See my review for Skyline HERE) […]


  7. totally agree with everything you said! I was so super excited for this movie when i saw the trailer and i dragged both my brother and sister to see it with me…..and was so super disappointed that the movie turned out to be utter crap…what a waste of such good potential! i feel like i take it the hardest when Alien movies fail lol.


    • haha. Thanks. This review is, by far, one of my absolute favorites I ever wrote! I was so let down. hahaha. Thankfully Battle: Los Angeles was good! You still need to see Super 8! Drag your brother and sister to THAT one! 🙂


  8. It was such a disappointing movie! Reading later that the guys that made this movie used the house of one of them as the place to shoot their film it explained why they stayed there. They spent all their money on effects and forgot about a decent story….

    As you wrote on my Monday Question post it’s very clear you had fun writing this review!


  9. Ha! This review is amazing. Mine reads alot like like. I was also excited to see this movie when I reviewed the trailer. I liked that it didn’t give away too much, but after waching the film, it was because there wasn’t really much to give away. This movie was a disaster. Battle LA was alot better, but totally exhausting because they fought through the enire film…lol. I like how you don’t spoil the movies in your reviews, like myself. I hate when people do that! 🙂


    • haha! I haven’t seen yours. I will look it up! I had so much fun writing it!

      Thanks for your compliments! I think it is very important to not include spoilers for people. It is actually my tagline on my business card and facebook page! Stop in anytime!


      • Yeah I think thats why I was looking for a different blog site. A lot of people who follow my blog want to leave comments, but have to jump through hoops to do it. Which is frustrating for them. I want a site where the communication is easier. Now I just have to get them to start chiming into my wordpress blog instead of blogger…lol. As soon as I get a handle on wordpress, gonna let blogger go all together.

        Glad u like the review. I reread it for the first time in a while, and I noticed that it reads as if I was really pissed. I was going on a rant with that one…lol


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