Harry Potter Through the Eyes of Others!

So, I am not a Harry Potter fan. Never have had any interest in the books, film, craze, toys, games, story,….any of it. Just not really for me. So once Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 released I did not feel as excited as the majority(?) of the world. BUT, in the spirit of trying to help others out in their quest for great movies, I ventured to a showing of the film (upon invitation) to see what it is all about. Below are my thoughts.

Harry Potter’s latest film is full of excitement, wonder, mystery, adventure, magic, and a little bit of romance. Watching it reminded me a little bit of another novel series brought to film (Twilight). For someone who has never read any of the books, or seen any of the previous 6 movies, I would have been completely lost had it not been for 2 things. 1- My friend, Meccadawn, explaining some things; and 2- a comprehensive overview of the story from another movie blogger’s site here: http://www.top10films.co.uk/archives/5128. These two resources allowed me to at least understand a few things about the lore of Harry Potter and company.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy this long movie. In order to enjoy it, one must have an express interest, must know the characters and their stories, and know what is possible in the world of wizardry. As someone not knowledgeable of the HP series, I had no idea of these things. Neither did I have any personal concern or care for the characters. I understood very little and just wanted to see fight scenes. For bonafide Harry Potter fans, however, this film has got to be absolutely amazing I am sure!!

To find out what some fans of Harry Potter had to say about this latest film (1 of 2 parts of the finale), I asked several readers of the site to give me their thoughts and ideas on the film. Here’s what they had to say:

TheSilkSpectre: “Personally, I thought HP7 was the best movie yet. It stuck closely to the book, and was fast paced enough that even at midnight it didn’t lose my attention. Although there were a few issues (why would Ron hang out right outside the Ministry without using Harry’s invisibility cloak?) this movie covered way more bases than would have been possible if it wasn’t a two-parter. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Tweek– “More enjoyable and mature than the past Harry Potter movies. Stuck more closely with the book and makes the viewers pumped to see part 2. Those who like the previous movies and books should enjoy this one as well.”

Dwight Phelps– “I loved it!! I thought it was the best Harry Potter yet!! Director David Yates was definitely the right choice to finish up the series!! It was really dark but Soooo great!! Everything I could have hoped for! Even the acting was so much better! Overall I say it was Brilliant!!! Five stars!!!!”

Agent D– “I saw it. I cannot wait for part 2!”

El. Mart– “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part one) was amazing. I stood in line, for the midnight showing, for an hour and a half, in 37 degrees, but it was totally worth it. The digital effects throughout the film were great! I especially liked when anyone would apparate. The film followed the book pretty well and ended in a good spot. I can’t wait for part two to be released! The big battle is coming!”

Meccadawn– “Really good movie! And because it’s done in two parts, it’s a lot more slow going and keeps with the book instead of rushing everything. It is a lot closer to the books than the previous movies. It is tearjerking when certain characters come to their end. The actors have grown into their roles so that the relationships between characters seem natural since they have embodied their characters so well. It seems that, while in their last movie, they finally got into their stride. Can’t wait for the second one. It would have been nice to see a teaser clip for part 2 at the end. That would have been the icing on the cake!”

Well, I hope either their comments or mine helped you. I’m not rating this one, as I’m sure, it may not be that fair to do so. Did you see it? What did you think?

As always, Thanks for reading! Happy watching! (A SPECIAL “Thank you” for all who contributed their thoughts!)


up next: a special “Movie News Monday” and review for Tangled


  1. I’ve just read it again… well T, I can understand why you don’t like this one. I’d imagine it’s tough for anyone to enjoy it without having seen the other HP movies as like you said yourself, you’d need to have a certain emotional investment in the characters, as well as understand all the concepts/ideas they’re going through. I think understanding the jargons alone won’t help. I was like you before, I had no interest in the franchise at all, but this past Summer I finally gave it a shot and ended up liking it. So yeah, my reaction is more in line with your friends who are HP fans.

    @ Meccadawn, I agree with you, it’s a good decision that they didn’t rush through everything and the young cast have really grown into their roles so much that it feels natural.


    • I was just too lost with the goings-on to enjoy it really. But so many people did enjoy the flick! I’m glad you did too! on another note, I will make sure that Meccadawn sees your comment. He rarely gets online nowadays. (CALLOUT ti Meccadawn!!!! 🙂 ) haha


  2. I felt that the film failed on so many levels. Half a story, not nearly enough development for a certain character that people in the theater literally cried for, entirely too much exposition (looking at you important Mad Eye Moody scene, and ungodly amount of time spent in a tent), and one of the worst cliffhangers I have ever seen in my entire life.

    This film had absolutely no reason to have so many problems. The fact that they split it into two and still managed to focus on too many pointless scenes in the tent rather than building character, then also left out/altered so much important information from the book was a huge mistake.

    I strongly recommend that the screenwriter, who knew the film was being split into two, goes back and reads Blake Snyder’s “Save The Cat” so that they can be reminded of proper story structure. They have already changed and left out stuff, they might as well have changed a little more to have a complete story. Sorry “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”, but you’re an overhyped film in the series and are in no way close to being “The Godfather 2, or Empire Strikes Back of the series.”

    On a positive note, the DP did a solid job with his camera and lighting work.


    • Akka! Hi! Thanks for the very different perspective on the film. You hated it that much, huh?! 🙂 I really can’t wait to hear your thoughts on part 2 next year! It’s so fun reading different outlooks on films such as this! Thanks for posting yours!


  3. Whuaaa…finally! I meet someone who is not as eager as I am with this most anticipated movie.

    But, unlike you, I read all 7 of the book because I read a lot and watch a lot. My reason for not watching the movie is also different from you. For me, Harry Potter is a great journey with terrible ending…so, I will not watch it unless the script is different from the book 😉


    • Hi Nov! haha, yeah, I’m not an HP fan. But I will say, it takes some dedication to read all of the books! I am curious, have you watched ANY of the HP movies? I don’t think that the ending will be much different than that in the books, however.


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