“Oh what a Tangled Web we Weave…”

Disney’s newest princess movie is a fun retelling of a story that is not new by any means. The story of Rapunzel (the girl locked away in a tower that Head&Shoulders might gladly replace Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamalu with for commercial endorsements) and her adventure into the “real world” will remind you of several Disney-told stories of the past glory days of Disney. Imprisoned in her tower, Rapunzel is inquisitive, impatient, and is ready to go out into the world. Tangled ties together many elements of The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Robin Hood, and The Lion King. This fun tale also mixes in several musical pieces, so that, while watching it, one can’t help but to think back to “classic” Disney movies and smile as songs are sung, arrows are shot, villains laugh, and animals steal scenes! Let’s go through some of the details with a fine-toothed comb, shall we? (sorry, I just couldn’t resist the hair references 🙂 )

Rapunzel, a tale reportedly first penned by The Brothers Grimm, is about a young lady who is locked away in a tower by her selfish guardian in order to “shelter” her from the evils of the world (and keep her for her own selfish gain). The beginning of Tangled gives a wonderful narrative explaining the re-telling’s version and sets the stage in a very Beauty and The Beast-ish way. We quickly are introduced to the characters and their world and the plot that ensues.

The characters each remained stereotypical for this type of movie. From the princess and the doting pilferer, to the overbearing/evil mother and the fun animal sidekicks, ALL of the characters added their bit of enjoyment and excitement to the movie. But it’s not anything we haven’t seen before. I felt like I was watching Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, along with Aladdin and Abu, along with…well, so many characters. You get the idea! Don’t get me wrong! This does not mean that it is not enjoyable, not one bit. It actually is, and I think that’s why Disney included the similarities in order to draw back fans of the older films who have moved their loyalties on to Pixar and Dreamworks. Tangled‘s storyline is set up nicely and it comes to an anticipated end. I just wish that there would have been a little bit more innovation when it came to telling the story. All of the nuances that reminded me of the classic Disney films are what also take away from it being its own movie.

While Disney is not the first company to bring the character, Rapunzel, to film (see Shrek, Inkheart, etc), Disney takes the top spot when comparing it to other adaptations of this classic tale. Some dark scenes are present, but not nearly as hair-raising as Sleeping Beauty or The Little MermaidTangled, while not original, is a hairswinging time! Go enjoy it for a great laugh, smile, and walk down memory lane. Overall…very enjoyable, and the 3D is an added bonus for this one! If you can weave your way through any disappointment of unoriginality, then you will enjoy it as much as I did too!

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy watching!

The Sp1der’s Score: Overall: 7.5 out of 10 stars “Tangled”

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When I originally posted this I forgot to mention: Thank you to my friends Meccadawn and Lady Damon for accompanying me to the special viewing! 🙂


  1. The posters for this movie look so fun! This might be something I enjoy as I love Disney Princesses (well I kinda grew up with those). I kinda thought about Little Mermaid as well as I saw the trailer, and I LOVE Sebastian… I’ve only bought two Disney stuffed animals in my life and Sebastian is one of them! 😀

    The stereotypes are to be expected but I don’t mind ’em so much in a Disney flick, as long as the story is engaging and the script is funny, which sounds like this one is. Do you think the music is on par with other Disney greats?

    P.S. Funny how you keep using hair references throughout your review 😉


  2. I agree that the movie was a bit predictable in its effort to remain “true” to “classic” Disney movies; however, I felt the character of Mother Gothel was a new take on the Disney villain – most Disney villains are outside the family unit – to have Gothel be (for all intents and purposes) Rapunzel’s mother was very ‘Mommie Dearest’. I thought it was an original, modern take on villains; parents who are verbally abusive, subtle in their maliciousness.

    Glad you liked it, I really enjoyed the walk down Disney-movie-magic Lane as well! 🙂


    • Hi Dustin! Thanks for the comment! Nice outlook on the Disney villain. I actually overlooked that aspect. Similar to Cinderella and her evil Stepmother and stepsisters! Nice catch! I did enjoy Tangled and hope many do as well!


  3. Hi T, I just want to tell you I almost went to this on Thanksgiving day, already bought tickets for it but then I saw Social Network playing 5 minutes after and decided to see it instead. I’m sure I enjoy this one I just don’t mind waiting until it’s out on rental.

    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!


  4. I really enjoyed this movie as well which really surprised me cause i hated the other disney flick “the princess and the frog” but this one was funny and had some good moments.


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