Predicting the Plot: The Mechanic

The Mechanic, which reunites Jason Statham and Donald Sutherland in another remake (1st was The Italian Job), is Jason Statham’s newest movie that promises to bring a lot of action and explosions to the screen! But! With that, does it bring a high level of predictability along with it? I’m not sure, but watching the trailer made me think about the possible direction which the movie will take. Here’s the trailer.

The Mechanic is actually a remake of the 1972 original of the same name starring Charles Bronson.I’ve never seen the original and have no idea of what the plot entails. But here’s MY ideas on what I think will happen in The Mechanic (Again…these aren’t spoilers….these are just my thoughts on what I think will happen):

Harry McKenna (Sutherland’s character) is the head of an organization which employs Arthur Bishop (Statham) for “cleanup duty.” McKenna’s strained/non-existent relationship with his estranged son, Steve (Ben Foster), is introduced to us as we are led to understand that Bishop has “replaced” him in the eyes of Harry McKenna. H. McKenna has a competitor, and that competitor Dean Sanderson (Tony Goldwyn) puts a hit out on Sutherland and succeeds….which angers Bishop. The murder of H. McKenna draws the estranged son out of “exile” who then bonds with Bishop and seeks to learn his deadly trade in order to exact revenge for the murder of his father and have “meaning” in his life. Bishop and he work together training and completing jobs, since Bishop can’t say “no” as he feels a sense of obligation to his recently deceased mentor/employer’s son.

After a few harrowing jobs and further training, Steve McKenna feels he is finally ready to go after those responsible for killing his father and convinces Bishop as well. They, somewhat ambitously and hesitantly at the same time, begin the hunt for those who murdered Harry McKenna…..although, things are not quite as they seem. As they hunt down the main enemy it would possibly appear that Steve is “too lucky,” which doesn’t happen in this line of work. As action scenes progress we find a doublecross in the making. Turns out that Sanderson, who put the hit out on Harry McKenna, has had Steve McKenna on his payroll the entire time. It will be revealed that Sanderson used Steve’s hatred for Bishop “replacing” him in the eyes of his father as a means to get him close to Bishop in order to kill him. He wants Bishop to either join his company, or die, as he is the last standing bastion of H. McKenna’s competing empire (if you will).

Bishop will see the deception come to light once he and Steve corner Sanderson and the tables are turned on him. Perhaps after a quick fight he is able to escape but realizes that now Steve (Harry’s son) is in danger of being doublecrossed himself, having lost his usefulness to his employer now. Bishop, out of a sworn duty to Harry, will return to reluctantly rescue Steve and then kill Sanderson, who was behind the entire scheme. Thus, teaching Steve a lesson or two as his father might have. And then, after all is said and done, Bishop can finally retire and pass the torch on to Steve to take over in his stead.

What do you think? Have you seen the original? Do you think my guess on the plot is pretty spot on? Or do you think I am way off? What are your hypotheses on how the plot will play out? We will find out on January 28, 2011!!!! Let me know your thoughts….Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!


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