TheScarletSp1der’s Best & Worst Movie Picks of 2010

Well: it’s here! The end of 2010!! We made it! How many movies do you think you watched this past year?

A lot of movies came out in 2010. To be even more technical: a “GRIPLOAD” of movies released in 2010! Some made us laugh, some made us cry, some made us mad, and some made us ask “WHY?” I didn’t get to see all of them (sorry, I’m not Ebert), but all the movies I did review can be seen at this link, anytime.

Just for you, I have compiled a list of 100 movies that released in 2010 split into 4 categories (25 each). My own personal lists of

  • (1) Movies I’m Glad I Saw,
  • (2) Movies I Missed….but wanted to see,
  • (3) Movies I wish I could “Un-see”, and
  • (4) Movies I’m glad I missed!

The movies are not listed in any order of preference, the fact that they are on the lists speaks to my desire or distaste for the film…if I’m GLAD I saw it, or not, etc. Be sure to vote HERE for your top 3 movie choices of 2010!

(*note: The ScarletSp1der’s Web was first spun on May 25. Some of the movies on this list came out prior to May 25 and therefore, at this point in time, have not been reviewed. But they still were mentioned.)

 Okay, well…Here we go:

(1) Top 25 Movies I’m Glad I Saw in 2010: The Book of Eli, Shutter Island, How To Train Your Dragon, Iron Man2, The Karate Kid, A-Team, Toy Story3, Ramona and Beezus, Grown Ups, Despicable Me, The Switch, Inception, The Town, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, Let me In, The Social Network, Secretariat, Red, Going the Distance, Morning Glory, Tangled, The Fighter, Tron: Legacy, True Grit, and Black Swan.

(2) Top 25 Movies I Missed…but wanted to see…in 2010: From Paris With Love, Date Night, The Losers, Just Wright, Green Zone, Extraordinary Measures, Repo Men, The Kids Are All Right, Get Low, Never Let Me Go, Jack Goes Boating, Leaves of Grass, Like Dandelion Dust, The Lovely Bones, Stone, Conviction, Valentine’s Day, Edge of Darkness, Fair Game, 127 Hours, The King’s Speech, The Tempest, Rabbit Hole, The Ghost Writer, and Somewhere.

(3) Top 25 Movies I wish I could “Un-see” in 2010: The Wolfman, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Hot Tub Time Machine, Clash of the Titans, Death at a Funeral, MacGruber, Get Him to the Greek, Splice, Jonah Hex, Predators, Salt, Charlie St. Cloud, Dinner for Schmucks, Takers, Machete, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Vampires Suck, Devil, Catfish, Dear John, Case39, Skyline, Jackass3D, The Back Up Plan, and Little Fockers.

(4) Top 25 Movies I’m glad I missed in 2010: Legion, Tooth Fairy, Cop Out, Brooklyn’s Finest, The Last Song, When In Rome, Saw 3D, Sex and the City2, Cats&Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore, EatPrayLove, Nanny McPhee2, Piranha3D, Furry Vengeance, The Last Exorcism, Alpha and Omega, You Again, My Soul To Take, I Spit On Your Grave, Paranormal Activity2, I’m Still Here, The Runaways, Remember Me, Youth in Revolt, How Do You Know, and Yogi Bear.

TheScarletSp1der Choice Awards

TheScarletSp1der Choice Award for WORST movie of 2010:

  • Splice!- for it’s horrible depiction of two scientists trying to manipulate genetics that end up…well….arrghh!! I STILL can’t write about it! (see the review HERE!) This movie was horrible!!
  • Runner-Ups: Catfish and Skyline (click the titles for their review)

TheScarletSp1der Choice Award for BEST movie of 2010:

  • Inception!- for the mind-bending, discussion-prompting, visually-engrossing storyline and plot!! Causing debates back and forth over dreams and reality. Director Christopher Nolan has a lot to be proud of. An amazing cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cottilard, Ken Watanabe, Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, and Michael Caine. If you have not seen Inception yet, what are you waiting for? Click HERE for the review!
  • Runner-Ups: Toy Story3 and The Social Network (click the titles for their review)

Tell me, which movies made your lists? Did you actually enjoy Jonah Hex? What about Get Him to the Greek? Did you think Iron Man2 was bad? Did you get to see 127 Hours? Were you a fan of EatPrayLove? Did Scott Pilgrim vs. The World make it on one of these lists for you? Which ones in 2011 are you looking forward to? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!….and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


up next: 2011 with More To Come!!


  1. Personally, I kind of think How to Train Your Dragon was the best movie of 2010. It definitely has my vote for best animated film. It’s hard to vote against Woody and the gang, but this film was really amazing, in my opinion 🙂


  2. believe it or not, there are just three films in the list of films you enjoyed that I liked 🙂 If you ask me the two absolutely worst films of the year were INCEPTION and BLACK SWAN. But I generally didn’t like this movie year, it was quite poor and uncreative. Hope that 2011 will be better!


  3. Totally agree that Inception was the best movie of the year – I’d be THRILLED to have an intelligent sci-fi movie win Best Feature at the Oscars next year! Runner up would definitely be 127 Hours – see it when you get a chance! 🙂
    And I really liked Machete and Catfish 😉 lol
    2011 – it’s all about Harry Potter! Can’t wait!
    Great post – 2011 will keep us busy!


  4. Hey T, I LOVE your take on best and worst list. Since I’m still working on mine, I just might steal your idea of listing the ones I miss but wanted to see.

    He..he.. I love ‘Dragon’ NOT only because of GB but of course it’s icing on the cake 😉


    • thank you Ruth! It took some time! I can’t wait to read your list as I know we have similar tastes in some things and completely opposite in others.

      One thing I absolutely enjoy about my site is seeing other people’s differing opinions! I figure if 2 people disagree on a movie, then as they both share their views, then everyone learns more about it and can appreciate it better. LOVE all of the posts on the web right now about best and worst films of 2010!

      Thanks again! Happy New Year to you, my friend!


  5. I love your way of listing 🙂
    You have seen a lot of movies last year. It’s amazing how you remember them all.

    I also want to see 127 hours but the movie is not here yet.
    Btw, I didn’t see Due Date because it was only played in several cinema and I was too lazy to go to cinemas far from my house.
    You didn’t put Buried in any of your list, I saw it last night…one of the most brilliant movies of 2010 (fortunately the list I made in my blog is only for movies I watched in cinema not DVD)

    Yeaa…Inception is definitely the best of 2010.


    • Thanks Nov for commenting! I’m glad that you like the listing! You know what? I saw Buried and currently have the review sitting draft. I neither liked it or disliked it enough to make one of these four lists. I look forward to posting the review and hearing your thoughts on it. 🙂


      • My review is also still in draft. I already have 3 posts on scheduled, I really need to squeeze my review on Buried somewhere.

        looking forward to read yours 🙂


  6. I hated ‘Get Him To The Greek’. It really comes down to whether you enjoy Russell Brand and I clearly don’t 😉 I would give it a C- if I was to review it.


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