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Today’s segment is a little bit different. There are some of you who visit the site from time to time: some visit everyday, some visit whenever they can, or wish to check on a movie prior to going to see it or renting it. But….There are also some who have gone to the box in the righthand margin and filled in your info to SUBSCRIBE to the site! By subscribing, you are able to receive email notifications of when new posts publish (don’t miss a single one) and you also receive a newsletter from Yours Truly once a month! In those newsletters I usually post information about prize-winning contests and password-protected polls specifically for those that have subscribed.

The most recent contest for subscribers asked for movie review submissions from them…the winner to have their review posted on the site. (Click HERE for the last winner’s review of a great film I now LOVE thanks to them!) Well, the contest is over and the winner has been chosen. Congratulations to Jazz Worthing! Jazz has been a faithful reader, promoter, and contributor to the site for several months and I am glad to publish his review of a movie he enjoys and that I cannot wait to see. Without further ado, here is “The Subscriber’s Selection!” about the movie, Ip Man.

I’m a Chinese man…. 

These are the words spoken by IP Man when asked what his name is.  That simple statement embodies the spirit of the movie and the man it portrays.  Donny Yen stars IP Man in this 2008 release that has reached our shores and shows the power and beauty of Wing Chun.  What’s Wing Chun?  A form of kung fu that was created by a woman and the only form of kung fu that ever was.  The story goes that Wing Chun was to be married to a local ruler against her will.  Wing Chun then proposed a challenge to the ruler that if she beat him in hand to hand combat that she would have her freedom and choice of who she would marry.  The ruler agreed and the rest is, as they say, history.

The movie begins in China pre-WWII introducing us to the province in which IP Man lives and showing us the various styles of martial arts available there.  In one of the opening scenes we see IP Man (Donnie Yen) spar with a fellow master of a different discipline of Kung Fu and get a taste of the beauty of Wing Chun.  The movie progresses with some humor and exhibition of amazing Kung Fu!  The movie progresses to China in WWII, after it is occupied by Japanese forces, and we get to see some of the circumstances that befell China during this time. 

Again during this time we really get to see the man that IP Man was.  He was never one for fame, for fortune, or for glory.  He makes it a point to preserve the Chinese spirit and pride by doing what he does best…FIGHTING!!  Some of my favorite parts are of factory workers (using what they’ve been taught by IP Man) against local tyrants.  The scenes of action that show the fury and power of Wing Chun are simply amazing and mesmerizing.  I remember sitting on the front of my chair in anticipation at the next punch, kick, or throw. 

While the story is somewhat incorrect when it comes to the life of IP Man it does do a good job of landing the important parts.  But also something that is true is that IP Man did train….BRUCE LEE!  Possibly the greatest martial artist of the 20th Century.  So if you love Bruce Lee or just martial art movies in general your gonna love IP Man.  In closing, I leave a quote by the late Bruce Lee:

“Forget about winning and losing; forget about pride and pain. Let your opponent graze your skin and you smash into his flesh; let him smash into your flesh and you fracture his bones; let him fracture your bones and you take his life. Do not be concerned with escaping safely – lay your life before him.” -Bruce Lee

 Signing off,

 Jazz Worthing.

TheScarletsp1der’s note: In case you’re still not convinced to check out Ip Man, shows a rating of 8.2/10 for this film that won 12 awards and received 10 nominations! It is a film that is not to be overlooked. For a second look at Ip Man, be sure to check out the review from my friend, Castor, over at AnomalousMaterial. (HERE is his review) 

Thank you, Jazz, for sharing your love for the film Ip Man. I know that you will be among the first in line to see Ip Man 2 in limited release at the end of this month! Check out the trailer for it below! It looks great! I’ve got some catching up to do in my martial arts movie watching! (Ip Man is currently streamable via Netflix!) Again, thank you Jazz Worthing!

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As always,

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!



    • I am glad to post your review! Congrats on winning the “Subscriber’s Contest” for last month! Thanks for sharing a movie that I know you are passionate about! Look forward to seeing more from you!


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