It’s “Time to Vote Tuesday!” 33

Welcome back to another fun session of “Time to Vote Tuesday!” The session of fun weekly polls which spark thought, debate, and intrigue! Last week’s voting opportunity “Serious About The Series” has closed. HERE are the results of last week’s poll!  Thank you to all of you that voted! On to the next fun weekly poll.

There has been a lot of speculation over the past several months about the new Bond 23 film. Will it even be made? Who will be the director? Who will be a Bond girl? Will Daniel Craig return as James? We have seen the news that Director Sam Mendes has been chosen for the project releasing in November 2012, and that Daniel Craig will be involved. Some rumors have dared to state that Craig won’t be playing James Bond!!

Amidst all of this speculation, several websites and friends of mine have posted polls asking who should play Bond. I decided to go ahead and take the bait on this one and ask you myself. Here, for a little bit of fun, is MY poll asking you….

Choose wisely! Sam Mendes called me this morning asking me to post this poll, because he needs help choosing an alternate in case Daniel Craig gets too busy with other projects and has to leave Bond 23 production. (Much like RDJ left Oz: The Great and Powerful).

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Eeeek, how could you put Statham on that list?? That guy can’t act his way out of a paper bag and nowhere as classy as what Bond ought to be.

    As I’d rather have Gerry play various roles and the fact that Clive would never accept it even if he were asked, my vote goes to Cavill. I guess you’re not paying enough attention to our blogs T, Cavill gets A LOT of mentions by both of us. Here’s one of my Bond-related posts that has Cavill on the list: Now don’t you agree why I picked him? 😀


    • Statham could do it!! ha!

      and perhaps you may have misunderstood my reply to Dez. I was alluding to the exact opposite of what you may think– The fact is that you two may be some of the ONLY ones who know enough about him to vote for him! Because I know that you two mention him often! haha He is a great choice!


      • lol. i actually didn’t Dez. I completely (regrettably) missed your poll. I just began to think about actors with accents that I’d like to see audition to play as Bond! Who won your poll?


  2. I went with Clive Owen although I’m not all too excited with any of them actors. It would be fun to see a Black 007 but there isn’t really any suitable option at the moment.


  3. Clive as Bond sounds terrible. He and Jason lack a certain elegant arrogance that Bond requires. Gerard could pull off the look and has the ability to be conceited enough to play the part but I can’t realistically see him as Bond either. Idris is a bad guy. He just can’t help himself. He turns bad in just about every movie I’ve seen him in. I could see him playing Bond when Bond turns on his country and decides to become a terrorist. My vote goes to Cavil.


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