Taking a Peek Under the Hood

The Mechanic, starring Jason Statham, Ben Foster, and Donald Sutherland, is a remake from the 1972 Charles Bronson film of the same name. Back on December 3 I actually posted my prediction of how this new promising action flick would play out. (Here is that post entitled, Predicting the Plot: The Mechanic). Now having watched it, it is interesting to look back on that post and relate it to the film itself. Here’s a quick look at Statham’s latest: The Mechanic.

Here’s what passed inspection:

A. The acting. The Mechanic actually possesses greater acting talent than one might expect. Yes, Statham still is a little bit challenged in this area, but, believe it or not, he still remains quite believable. The actual acting star of this film, though, is Ben Foster as the son of the recently murdered mentor of Arthur Bishop (Statham). He surprised me in his acting and his action sequences. Quite impressive and I look forward to more from him. I remain indifferent towards his performance in X-Men: The Last Stand as Warren Worthington III/Angel, (and Alpha Dog was worse), but he definitely stepped up his acting and action skills for The Mechanic

B. The action. I honestly thought there would be more, but, nevertheless, the scenes that come across the screen are pretty fun to watch. Jason Statham, as Arthur Bishop, does what he does so well. It is interesting watching as his character, Bishop, is teaching Foster’s character, Steve, how to fight! It would almost seem that Statham taught Foster a thing or two about being a tough guy in Hollywood too! Again, kudos to Foster.

The plot, admittedly, did contain a few twists and turns in it that were not expected from the beginning. (Obviously, if you watch the movie and read my prediction post then you gathered as much.) I’m glad that it was not exactly as I had laid out. Trailers are oftentimes super misleading. BUT, the predictability of the film, once it started, is what leads to the next portion of this diagnosis.

Here’s what needed some fine tuning:

A. The final act. The ending to this film is -in fact- predicatable, expected, and unusually anti-climatic. Initial predictions may be wrong, but deductions made while watching the film lead to its predictable end. The foresight of an expected end lends itself to a slight shortage in one’s attention span.

B. The supplementary characters in the movie. When looking back at the film, you will find that certain characters were not explored and, therefore, bear no real importance to the story. Bishop’s girlfriend, as an example, is completely unnecessary and adds nothing to the plot or purpose of the story. For a profession where detail is everything, the lack of it for some of these characters just does not add up.

C. The non-action scenes. They just existed. Some scenes bore while others just pass the time and hand out clues to the plot. The character development is not strong enough to carry the viewer’s attention all the way through. The pleasing distraction of gunfire and fight scenes will be a welcomed diversion.

Final Analysis: A fun flick to watch and be amused by, but not the #1 movie for action, or drama, or thrills. There are better options out there, but it’s still fun to watch. The Mechanic, unfortunately, has too many kinks to work out before reaching the status of greater films. If you wish to watch another film that also happens to be a remake (ironically also starring Donald Sutherland as a murdered mentor and Jason Statham as part of a team seeking to exact revenge) then watch The Italian Job. It is far better.

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy Watching!

TheSp1der’s Score2.5 out of 5 stars for “The Mechanic


    • I wasn’t impressed by his acting in Alpha Dog and found it to be more annoying than anything. Perhaps that was the intent and I missed it, but not enjoyable in my opinion. Glad to see him do so well in The Mechanic though. Thanks for the comment! Streaming it on netflix=not a bad idea! 🙂


  1. This is the kind of film Statham is suitable for I think, but still he’s just not a good actor. I might rent this one when there’s not much else available.


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