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Greetings fellow movie enthusiasts!

In case you were unaware, I recently joined 28 other movie reviewers, bloggers, and lovers in Anomalous Material’s 2nd Fantasy Movie Pitch, hosted by Castor. You can visit the specific link here to see how it works, but basically, just as in fantasy football, each participant entered the draft to select a director and around 3 actors/3 actresses for a movie pitch. After which, each participant may either create a movie of their own, using selected cast/director, or re-create a film already made explaining why their choices work better than the original. The pitch then is to be submitted to Anomalous Material and posted for all to read. Subsequently, every pitch may be rated by each reader and the one with the highest rating wins the contest of movies once all pitches have been made. Several fun and unique films have been pitched so far.

Today, I am pleased to announce the publication of TheScarletSp1der’s Fantasy Movie Pitch at Anomalous Material!!

ONE favor: PLEASE visit the post here and rate my movie! You can both read and rate it there! Thank you!

My film, entitled An Eye For An Eye

  • Directed by Ridley Scott

  • Starring Kate Beckinsale, Aaron Eckhart, Paul Giamatti, Melissa Sagemiller, Djimon Hounsou, James Cromwell, Sally Field, Lily Collins, Eric Roberts, and Ali Larter

Directed by Ridley Scott , An Eye for An Eye features the Saunders family. Specifically Earl Saunders, deeply rooted in the NYC world of the criminally-minded, seeks a type of redemption from his estranged daughter as he fights to keep all that he’s attained safe, specifically his family. But victory in fights come only after hardships. -special thanks to Kal-el and TheCalm for their input.

  • Lauren Taylor: married to Anthony Taylor; daughter of Earl and Meredith Saunders; Knows of Earl’s criminal kingdom and wanting nothing to do with it. (Kate Beckinsale)
  • Anthony Taylor: married to Lauren Taylor; Manager in the Finance Division for WWC, Inc (World-Wide Communications, Inc) (Aaron Eckhart)
  • Earl Saunders: Father of Lauren; President/Owner of Saunders Construction based in NYC; Criminal mastermind/Kingpin; Feared and vengeful. (James Cromwell)
  • Jessica Walker: Coffee barista at The Magic Bean coffee shop across from WWC, Inc. (Ali Larter)
  • Mark Mason: works in the Finance Division at WWC, Inc. (Djimon Hounsou)
  • Meredith Saunders: Wife of Earl; Aware of Earl’s “double life”; loves money and the power of it and married Earl for it. (Sally Field)
  • Angela Saunders: daughter of Earl and Meredith; Sister of Lauren. (Lily Collins)
  • Jason Adams: Anthony best friend; married to Lydia Adams. (Paul Giamatti)

Supplemental cast: Melissa Sagemiller and Eric Roberts

  • Lydia Adams: wife of Jason; befriended Lauren after meeting via husbands; (Melissa Sagemiller)
  • Rupert Greene: Criminal rival of Saunders in NYC. (Eric Roberts)

For your “viewing” pleasure, I present to you: An Eye for An Eye! Show some love! 🙂

Prologue: The story begins in New York City. 4pm. The Saunders family is dining at The Carnation. Present is Lauren, her father Earl, mother Meredith, and younger sister Angela. No words are spoken during this flashback scene, Heard only is the dinner music of the violins playing in the background that increases in volume as the four of them exit the restaurant. The rain, incessant and cold, comes down as they exit, a limo driver (enter cameo appearance of director Ridley Scott as the limo driver) greets them with umbrella deployed to escort them to their transport. We watch as the serenity of the scene quickly disappears and gives way to the sound of gunshots. The four of them quickly duck on the sidewalk behind the vehicle as the bullets whiz by. What seems like hours are only seconds as a dark-tinted green Cadillac speeds away. Once the screams and the commotion have subsided, we find that Angela, the youngest, did not escape the fury fast enough and has been killed. Lauren, right next to her, picks her body up off of the cold cement. The rain drops falling from the sky cannot catch up with the speed of the tears flowing from her eyes. Fade to black.

Act 1: 5 years later we find Lauren living in Los Angeles. Much has happened in the past half-decade. She has moved away from her family and the horrid past which she has put behind her. Her husband of 3 years, Anthony, is the family she focuses on now. One morning Lauren receives a telephone call from Meredith tearfully telling her that she has been diagnosed with cancer and wants her to visit her in NYC. Lauren still refuses to go back to NYC as she blames her father, Earl, for the death of Angela. This call, while saddening, doesn’t move Lauren any closer to heading back to NYC anytime soon.

At Anthony’s high-rise office in downtown L.A., he is meeting with fellow coworker, Mark, over business needs and other matters only to be interrupted by a phone call from his friend Jason Adams. Adams claims it is super important, which causes Anthony to excuse himself to the corner of the room for privacy. At which point, Jason asks “Which bars are we hitting up tonight? Lydia gave me permission to go out for a guy’s night out on the town! I’m sure Lauren will let you go. It’ll give her and Lydia a chance to catch up anyways!”

In NYC, Earl Saunders, while at dinner with Meredith that evening, receives an envelope. He intends on opening it, but Meredith pleads with him to not attend business while at dinner. He reluctantly heeds her request..her recent health condition having influenced him. “I’m sure it can wait until the morning anyways, dear.”

Nightlife in L.A. is full of distractions, and fun. Anthony and Jason find both. While at the Red Dart, Anthony catches the eye of blond bombshell, Jessica Walker, a recently new resident of L.A. who is employed at the coffee shop that Anthony visits each morning right before work. Interestingly enough, it is the same coffee place Lauren used to work and the place where he first met his wife. This “common ground” sparks further conversation ending with an offer of free coffee anytime. Jason and Anthony laugh it off as they continue barhopping that evening.

Lauren’s dinner at home with Lydia, allows for these two neighbors to catch up and confide in one another. Lauren shares with Lydia her mother’s phone call and for the first time we see Lauren express emotion over her mom’s news. Lydia tells her to go and wishes she could go too….she’s never seen NYC.

Act2: The sun rises over New York City. Earl Saunders awakens and remembers the letter from the previous evening. With Meredith asleep he opens it to read its contents. Upon opening the letter and reading it, anger flushes across his face as he crumbles the note into a ball. He yells at his assistant outside: “Get Mason on the phone! NOW!”

The letter, which enraged Earl Saunders, was from competing crime boss Rupert Greene. Greene, responsible for the drive-by and consequent death of Saunders’ youngest daughter 5 years ago, was supposed to have been dead. After the death of Angela, Earl launched an all out war on Greene’s rivaling enterprise, killed his family and put a hit on Greene’s own life. “Back from the dead” Greene took it upon himself to let Saunders know that he is back. Although he walks with a limp from a gunfight that left him disabled, he has been working over the past 5 years to rebuild in order to seek vengeance. That vengeance to come in the like form as the initial transgression. His personal letter to Saunders states that he has located Anthony and Lauren and will have them killed within the week if Saunders does not relinquish his power and criminal possessions to him. This news prompts Saunders to contact his hired help in LA to protect his only living daughter. A phone call placed by Saunders after the letter’s delivery reveals that Mark Mason, Anthony’s coworker, had been put in place via Earl’s business connections 2 years ago to watch over/protect Anthony and Lauren should the need ever arise. The need is now and the threat valid. (Mason, also, supposedly had killed Greene years ago.) Saunders is livid.

In L.A., Lauren finally tells Anthony about the call she received from her mother. Anthony, ready to send her on the next flight from LAX, does not know ALL of Lauren’s past. As a matter of fact, this is the first time that Lauren has shared much about her family at all. Through questioning further, Lauren tearfully and emotionally shares all with her husband. Speechless, Anthony ignores his ringing cell phone to console his wife. Stating to her that she is the most important thing in his life and that NOTHING would ever keep him from being there for her ever! (a stark contrast to the father she “never” had).

A stop at the coffee shop before arriving late to work allows Anthony to get his cup of coffee from Jessica who inquires as to his whereabouts earlier. He shares that his wife is at home sad over recent family news. She offers the coffee at no charge, but Anthony insists on paying. Due to “computer upgrades” she requests to see his ID in order to process his credit card. At work, a seemingly over-concerned Mark also inquires as to his and Lauren’s whereabouts. Stating that he had called several times. We see Mark later slip out of the office towards Anthony’s car, knife in hand.

Lauren answers a knock at the door. A florist truck is parked outside. The deliverer states the dozen roses in her hand are from Anthony. Upon handing the vase to Lauren, the blonde florist (Jessica Walker) pushes her way in and proceeds to beat up and kidnap Lauren. Jessica then calls Greene to inform him of her recent acquisition and states that she will have her package delivered shortly.

Anthony and Mark prepare to leave work and discover that Anthony’s tire is flat. Mark offers to take him home. Upon arrival, both Anthony and Mark discover the abduction of Lauren! Distraught and unable to reach Lauren’s cell phone, Anthony prepares to call the police, when Mark quiets him and begins to explain what is going on. It looks like Lauren will end up in NYC after all. Anthony calls Jason and explains only that he and Lauren will be out of town. Jason promises that he and Lydia will watch the house and jokingly states that they will leave the door unlocked! Very reassuring. Mark and Anthony quickly depart.

Act3: Mark calls Earl Saunders to report the abduction of Lauren. Anthony hears the profanities sprouting from the phone Mark is using. His first initial impression of his father-in-law is not what he had expected. So many questions swirling through his mind….not as many answers. Is Lauren okay? What type of family did I marry into? Who is Rupert Greene?

A good question. Rupert Greene is now the man in possession of Lauren Taylor. A smug Jessica Walker awaits payment for her delivery. Greene tells her that payment will be made once she has killed Lauren if Saunders doesn’t yield in 2 days. Walker seductively suggests that there must be a way she can convince Greene of an early down payment. Greene, annoyed, plays her game only to end it swiftly with a bullet in her head….having served her purpose and pressed her luck. A warning to all others around him. His anger causes him to move up the deadline for Saunders.

Earl, having received word from Mason, now receives a call from Greene stating that the time table has moved and he has until 6’o clock pm to give up his criminal “turf.” Meredith, blaming Earl for all of this AND Angela’s death, is quickly shut up and sent to tears over Earl’s outburst accusing her of being more in love with money than with him. “You never complained seeing the money, even after Angela’s death! You are just as guilty.” Earl re-calls Greene to set up a meeting. Meredith collapses on her bed bursting into tears over the destruction of her “perfect” life.

Act4:Anthony and Mark reach the Saunders residence. A mansion of sorts. Mixed feelings rise in Anthony as he meets the man responsible for so much of his wife’s pain and current predicament. At the same moment, miles away, Lauren comes face to face with her abductor, Greene. Two and two come together as she now knows who caused Angela’s death. Both Anthony and Lauren learn that it will all be over soon as an agreement has been struck. Meeting scheduled at The Carnation at 4pm. Anthony, while insistent upon joining, is instructed by Saunders and an ever-persuasive 9mm to stay put while they go to handle business.

3:30pm arrives. Ironically it is raining. Flashbacks of 5 years ago play in the mind of Lauren as they arrive. Lauren’s hatred for Greene exceeds that of her father’s, although she wishes both dead. Lauren, Greene, and company sit in The Carnation awaiting Saunders’ arrival. Enter Earl, with Mark, and several of his henchmen. Heated discussions lead to bullets and bodies. Greene escapes, limping, with Lauren, as Saunders gives chase wanting nothing but his daughter. After a quick scuffle, Greene holds Saunders at gunpoint. Lauren, stealthily finds her father’s gun and points it at Greene who is hiding behind Saunders. Saunders yells at Lauren to shoot, stating he loved her always. Words are exchanged. Lauren tells her father she does indeed love him too. A gunshot finally fires a bullet that pierces both men. Saunders’ right shoulder, but Greene’s heart. Mark Mason limping his way to the scene, having been shot in the leg, to see Lauren crying over her father.

Lauren, Mason, and an injured Saunders return to the Saunders mansion to the waiting arms of Anthony and Meredith. Family ties to be remade, stronger, perhaps, than ever before.

Epilogue: Fast forward to a scene of joy as a party is held in celebration of Meredith’s cancer remission! Earl, Meredith, Anthony, and Lauren, along with Jason and Lydia in attendance in NYC!

El Fin

Wow! You made it to the end! Thanks for taking the time to read my movie! What did you think? Please leave a comment, and don’t forget….PLEASE visit Anomalous Material and rate it!

Thanks So much for reading!



  1. I’ve been taking a break from the computer so I haven’t got around to reading this yet. But I will try to read the whole thing tomorrow, T. Surely you have a great eclectic cast and as you already know, I love Ridley. We had a great time working together on our first movie 😉


  2. I finally had the chance to read all of this, T. WOW, this is great stuff and props for all the details you put into this. I love how you even had Ridley in a cameo role, nice touch! 🙂

    I had to re-read parts of this and go back to the characters list as I get some of them mixed up, but once I get to know who’s who, I think the story is really good, a classic thriller drama that keeps me in suspense. I like how you go the extra length in creating the mood of the place, i.e. the rainy scenes in the beginning and end. And I like the dramatic tone in the set up… “The rain drops falling from the sky cannot catch up with the speed of the tears flowing from her eyes.” LOVE it!

    If you don’t mind me saying, the only thing I’m not too crazy of is Eric Roberts’ casting as the villain. It just seems so predictable as I see him as a cliche for having played the same crooked persona over and over. Maybe I just hated his character in Expendables so much that it just leaves a bad taste. I think if Greene is played by someone more respectable, it’d elevate this story a whole lot more.

    Overall, it’s a brilliant pitch. Well done for a first, man!


    • Thank you very much Ruth! I was wondering what your thoughts were having worked with Ridley before! Appreciate you taking the time to read through the story. It is long.

      I can understand your point about Roberts. I actually forgot about him in The Expendables as I was writing this. I thought more about Batman. But I feel he is so good in that role and was surprised no one had cast him. so, I grabbed him! 🙂 I sure would like to hear who you think would play a good Greene!

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Your attention to the smaller details and all. I actually want to work on this a little bit more, possibly change the ending, and see where it would lead.


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