January Posts You May Have Missed!

In case you may have missed an article or two this past month, here is a quick resource page for some posts of interest that graced the pages of TheScarletSp1der’s Movie Blog! 🙂

-another resource for missed news/reviews: The righthand margin of this page——->

(The titles are clickable links to the pages)

1. “And, The Winner Is…” (The RED WEB AWARD Ceremony) -See who won the prestigious Red Web Awards (my special version of The Golden Globes) 

2. “The King Leaves Us Speechless” -Review of the Award Nominated film The King’s Speech

3. “TheScarletSp1der’s Fantasy Movie Pitch” -A look at the movie I wrote as a pitch for Anomalous Material’s contest

4. “How TheScarletSp1der Rates Movies” -Learn about the new rating system for each movie review

5. “It’s Time To Vote Tuesday 33” -Vote for your “would-be” Bond

Don’t forget: For updates on Batman, Spiderman, Thor, 007, Wonder Woman, and more, take a glance at these pages here: “Fantastic Film News Friday,” “Breaking News Bulletin,” “The Weekend Wrap 1,” and “The Weekend Wrap 2”

Thanks for reading! Happy watching!


up next: Movie News Monday

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