Just Got To Go To Just Go With It!!!

Adam Sandler movies: Some say “Take ’em,” Some say “Leave ’em.” When it comes to his latest: Just Go With It, let me encourage you to Just Go To It!

I enjoyed this comedic look at romance and love starring Adam Sandler and romcom queen, Jennifer Aniston! Entertain this thought for just a moment: Imagine that the movie Click and the movie Grown Ups decided to get married and have a baby! The love child of that union would be the movie Just Go With It! If you didn’t enjoy the “parent” movies then Just Go With It may not be for you, but I liked the film and say you should still give it a shot. In case you happen to not know what the film is about, here is the trailer to explain:

Here’s a quick breakdown on what makes Just Go With It so good:

1. The Cast/Characters: Adam Sandler employs a little bit of a different mix than his usual films for this one….and they work so well. The charasmatic characters all work together to tell a great and fun story. Jennifer Aniston is amazing in her role and brings a great balance of comedy and drama that once again shows her great versatility as an actress. (Aniston, unfortunately, won’t receive any nods for this performance, but, IMO, she deserves one)! Brooklyn Decker, the stunning blonde bombshell, serves more of a purpose than just eye candy and impresses in her first real “big movie” role. Nick Swardson (Grandma’s Boy, Benchwarmers) also makes his mark impressively in the film. But, it is the kids and the cameos that really make this film so much fun.

From the trailer, one wouldn’t expect the kids to have such a vital role as they do. Sandler made a smart decision in making sure that their very vital portion of the story received ample screen time. Without them, the film would definitely be a rom-com-BOMB! This wasn’t Bailee Madison’s first time on the big screen (Bridge to Terabithia, Brothers, Conviction), but this is young Griffin Gluck’s first movie. You wouldn’t know by watching his performance! The cameos in this film also surprised and added just the right amount of flare to the movie and its story. From Kevin Nealon to Minka Kelly, to 2 other cameos that COMPLETELY surprised me! The entire cast and character choice proved to keep this film going on the right track.

2. The Plot: Yes, the story may seem a bit cheesy. A few elements of the plots make the audience have to stretch the imagination quite a bit. Comedy takes the front seat at the beginning, the romance/drama of the film sneakily pushes its way to the front, and then both comedy and drama share importance and impact on the screen. While some of the laughs may be formulaic, they don’t get old and are mostly done in well taste. If the comedy is not for you, then the drama/romance will be. It’s got a little bit of something for everyone. The ever-present themes of honesty with each other and with one’s self, love, family, determination, happiness, and more really tie this film together a whole lot more than expected.

Predictable at times, especially knowing what the end will be, but it is just like a roller coaster ride: Enjoyable from start to finish because you’ve seen it go many times before while waiting in line and you know where it’s going, so you can just smile and enjoy the ride! The twists and turns won’t be too much to handle and when you’re done….you want to do it again!

3. The Emotion: When looking past the Sandler comedy and the somewhat improbable elements in the tale, there is a great story that is told here and Sandler finds a great way to connect with audiences while still giving reasons to laugh. This film, in this aspect, is reminiscent of his other works Mr. Deeds, Bedtime Stories, Click, and Grown Ups. The way in which Sandler shares the importance of the themes aforementioned is smart and allows audiences of all types to learn the message of this tale in a fun manner.

Does Just Go With It still have some of the (sometimes) obnoxious and over-the-top Sandler humor in it? Yes. Does it have bits of randomness that make you laugh/scratch your head at the same time? Yes. Does it have a true moral to the story? Yes. Does it make an emotional connection with the audience? Yes. Should you go see it? Yes. See a trend here? Trust me, you will like it for more than just the hot women, or the scenes of the Hawaiian beach, or the comedy of Adam Sandler. Just Go With It, again, brings a great blend of comedy and drama together and greatly impressed.

Go jump on this roller coaster and enjoy the ride! Both guys and girls will enjoy this one during the Valentine’s Day weekend as well!

Come on….just go to it and then Just Go With It! Keep in mind that not everything in this film may be appropriate for the kids…Sandler humor is its own brand with a level of crudeness found to be offensive by some.

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy Watching!

TheSp1der’s Score3.5 out of 5 stars for “Just Go With It

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    • thanks for the link. I will agree with him that Jennifer Aniston is one of the greatest parts of the film, but his infatuation with Jennifer Aniston blinds him from looking for other enjoyable parts of the film. IMO. It’s a Sandler film…you HAVE to expect some of his brand of comedy to be in it. But, thankfully, it’s not at the level of Little Nicky, or You Dont Mess With The Zohan, or Anger Management…consequently, it’s not at the other extreme spectrum at the level of Reign Over Me, Spanglish, and Funny People either. Like I said…if Grown Ups and Click had a love child…this would be it. There are a lot of other good aspects of the film, such as the story behind the comedy, the kids, the cameos that actually add to the film and are more believable that Sandler-movie cameos of the past. (I wish he wouldn’t have spoiled the cameos, although they ARE published on imdb.)

      Overall, if you’re not sure…go see it when it reaches your local $2-$3 theater, or stream it on netflix. But it is a fun movie…a better romcom than How Do You Know (that’s for sure), which, incidentally, was on his list of movies you HAVE to see in January..http://switchtheshift.wordpress.com/2011/01/04/films-you-have-to-see-in-january/

      Thanks for the comment. I hope you see it, and I look forward to hopefully hearing your thoughts afterwards! 🙂


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