Déjà vu Movie Reviews: Been there, Seen that!

In a little bit different style than normal, here are TWO mini-movie reviews in one post. Reviews for I Am Number Four and Unknown. The reason for these two mini-reviews is that they both released this past weekend and they both present elements and stories that we’ve seen before. Main portions of both films will spark up nostalgia from other films of past cinematic revelry! Here is a look at two movie reviews whose subjects may make you say “déjà vu!”


Starring Alex Pettyfer, Dianna Agron, Kevin Durand (that mention was for you, SilkSpectre! 🙂 ), and others, showcases a story of an alien on the run, posing as a human teenager, who is trying to stay ahead of those that would have him dead. As if this isn’t enough already, he is also trying to juggle the classic teenage struggle of a “normal” life with the girl of his dreams. But those chasing him…the evil Mogadorians (in need a a good dentist or plastic surgeon)…are closing in which leads to secrets revealed, inevitable conflict, unexpected allies, and superpowers that are, well, pretty fun! Directed by D. J. Caruso (Eagle Eye, Disturbia), I Am Number Four has high aspirations but won’t make it to Number One on many people’s lists.

  • The great part about this film: the action is fun to watch, the small town feel makes the characters seem a bit more believable than expected, and Kevin Durand as the evil Mogadorian commander makes for a great villain that one likes to watch, in almost a “Joker-esque” kind of way! (Think, the Joker from the animated Batman series)!
  • The “Déjà vu” and somewhat “ho-hum” part of this film: Reminiscent of Twilight, takes too long to develop, the special effects needed some help, and the acting and the side-stories are a big pill to swallow. Granted, this film is better than Twilight, and I’m sure that a sequel will make it’s way to the theater. Go see it for some fun/mindless entertainment that won’t involve too much thinking. The teenage hormonal imbalance is not as bad in I Am Number Four as it is in Twilight!

TheSp1der’s Score3 out of 5 stars for “I Am Number Four”  



Starring Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger, January Jones, and more, may seem rather familiar to moviegoers who watched Neeson’s 2008 action flick, Taken. There are some similarities which will be discussed momentarily. Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, who also directed the trippy and twisty thriller Orphan, Unknown brings some twists and turns that make this story unfold in ways unpredictable. In Unknown, Neeson stars as Dr. Martin Harris in Berlin with his wife for a convention. After an accident causes his memory to fail, he tries to put the pieces together. Much of his past is unknown, for reasons unknown…and the audience will follow along unknowingly falling deeper and deeper into the trance of this thriller with a need to follow Neeson and discover along with him the answers that he seeks. Only….will he like the truth once he discovers it?

  • The great part about this film: It is not as predictable as one might suppose, the level of mystery and intrigue that may remind some of classic spy-thriller type films (While there are several unanswered questions throughout the film that leave the audience questioning, the film does a great job at making the audience PART of the movie as we see things and discover right along with Neeson. Answers become apparent as the film draws to a close), and the location/filming. (I also must pay tribute to the role Bruno Ganz played! I enjoyed his part immensely. As a matter of fact, MOST of the cast contribute greatly to the look, feel, and story of the film).
  • The “Déjà vu” and somewhat “ho-hum” part of this film: We’ve seen parts of this before in films like Taken (another one-named title featuring Neeson in Europe as he strongarms his way to answers) and Bourne Identity, January Jones’ acting which leaves room for improvement for X-Men: First Class, and Neeson as an action star?? Not buying it…sorry. Overall though, Unknown definitely entertained in a unique way. I enjoyed the trip into the Unknown.

TheSp1der’s Score4 out of 5 stars for “Unknown

Both films present elements of movies that you’ve seen before, but they both bring great fun and/or mystery to the screen that makes for great enjoyment/entertainment. Yes, you may have seen them before….but not told like this! Enjoy. And even if you end up saying, “Déjà vu”….Who cares?! I’m glad I saw both and recommend giving them a shot!

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy Watching!

(I’d like to thank my friends Meccadawn, G-Lo, Shorty Magordy (and bro), and BlondeBombshell for joining me to these movies!)


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  1. Yay Kevin Durand! But you put the order wrong. He was the best part, and should therefore have been listed first 😉

    But I totally agree with your review. Summed up the movie well.


    • haha, Durand was so much fun to watch! Thanks for the comment!

      Did you know that, apparently, Alex Pettyfer refused to show up to filming sessions once he learned that other cast members were getting paid more? They had to renegotiate. IMO, it’s his fault for not having good enough agents that can negotiate PRIOR to signing a contract! wow.


  2. Nice reviews, T. I kind of thought that Unknown is probably not as predictable as it looks, but all the marketing and the similarities to Taken just doesn’t do this movie any favor. I mean, why do they have to compare the two when marketing this?? I mean, just seeing Neeson w/ a gun being chased around (or doing the chasing), already evoke memories of Taken, so no need to drive that home even further. I’ve decided to just rent that one.

    As for the first one, I have no interest whatsoever.


    • Thanks Ruth for taking the time to read them! I think you’d enjoy Unknown….a bit more than The Next Three Days perhaps. You’re right…I really wish that they wouldn’t have advertised this relating it to Taken. There really is no need.


  3. great summary of both films I just watched Unknown recently as well and feel the same way you do…its plot is definitely reminiscent of those earlier films you mentioned i was a little disappointed how they explained his loss of identity but overall the movie was ok it definitely kept the mystery alive!


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