Advantageous Adjustments

Ah, The Adjustment Bureau! A film I had been waiting to release for quite some time. Having been pushed back from late 2010 all the way to March 2011, I felt that, perhaps, this movie starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt would end up as a sad disappointment. (Most films that end up being pushed back are…Look at Beastly….review soon to come.) I am glad to report the exact opposite. They adjusted the release date for this film and, thankfully, The Adjustment Bureau does not disappoint!

A great thing about this movie is the fact that the trailer does not give away a lot of spoilers for what comes up in the film. Yes, it is a story about love, fate, and the fight to make and keep your own. But there is so much extra underlying in the film that the viewer will be able to discover and enjoy anew! I did not expect to enjoy as much of this story as I did, due to the fact that we’ve seen “Fight for your fate” movies before. The Adjustment Bureau introduces several new nuances and unknowns into the mix that makes for a very interesting and unpredictable story that keeps the excitement and enjoyment for all audiences all the way through. Here’s a look at a featurette for The Adjustment Bureau…followed by my own comments/review.

The struggle of fate vs free will is anything BUT new! Present in hundreds of stories over hundreds of years. From newer movies like Hancock to Shakespeare’s classic tale, Romeo and Juliet, fate continues to be the biggest adversary of most literary and cinematic heroes and anti-heroes alike. With so many similarities to other stories and films, is there anything that makes The Adjustment Bureau so different and worth seeing the “same story” again? Anything? Absolutely! Here’s my 5 reasons to see The Adjustment Bureau:

1. Amazing Cast:

a) Matt Damon. It’s no surprise that Damon completely embodies his role as David Norris. He always takes his role to the next level. But he surprises as a romantic as well in the role that he plays. As the unexpecting hero tossed into the unusual situation of being told that his fate has already been decided and determined for him, Damon takes us along with him on a trip that does not end.

b) Emily Blunt. Playing the role of Elise, the gorgeous love interest of David Norris. Blunt brings the right amount of drama, passion, and love to the screen in this story about fate and love. She impresses so much and draws the audience to also fall in love with her character as well. It is easy to understand the attraction that David Norris feels for her rather quickly. Plus, her skill as a ballet dancer shows off more of her unspoken versatility and dedication as an actress.

c) Anthony Mackie. While there are many great supporting actors in the cast, Anthony Mackie impressed as the Adjustment agent assigned to following David Norris and affecting his path.

2. Captivating Storytelling: The way in which drama, romance, thrill, action, and, believe it or not, some scifi blend together in this story is unlike anything of recent. The story itself appeals to moviegoers of all types. One of the strengths of this film- it lays out the rules in this movie’s “world” so that events are understood and easy to follow. There aren’t too many headscratching moments. Instead, there are plenty of “sit at the edge of your seat” moments as you watch and hope for David and Elise in the film. (It has some parts that also will remind viewers of the fun Pixar film Monsters Inc)

3. Beautiful Cinematography and Music: Camera angles and attributing music are often overlooked in movies. Both of these aspects make vital impacts on the film itself and will add to an engrossing watching experience

4. Thought-provoking Philosophy: Who controls your life? Does destiny exist? I enjoyed the timeless debate of free will vs fate. The Adjustment Bureau, led by The Chairman, play the part of planning lives and enforcing those plans. Norris plays the part of all humans (hence the fantastic relatability of the character), and his fight to pave his own path against all odds and obstacles.

5. Partial Unpredictability: While you may think you know where this movie is going…and to an extent you may guess the ultimate end…the twists and turns that it takes along the way make this film go in different directions than expected!

There are, however, a few drawbacks for The Adjustment Bureau. While there may truly be chance encounters in life, some of the meetings/relationships/changes in the film are a bit of a stretch for moviegoers to accept. The movie had opportunity to develop some of the backstories that are referenced a little bit more. The ending moves rather fast, almost to a fault, and offers an explanation and turn of events that seems climatic and anti-climatic at the same time.

Overall though, I very much enjoyed The Adjustment Bureau. A Worth-while watch! It tackles the subject of whether or not true love and desire can overcome fate and fights! Go see it! It’s good to see the month of March bringing the best movies so far of 2011. January and February should be taking notes! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy Watching!

TheSp1der’s Score3.5 out of 5 stars for “The Adjustment Bureau


  1. I had a good time with this due to the great chemistry between these two, and the story did keep me involved at times, although I felt it could have been better. Good Review!


    • Dan the Man! as always, I appreciate you stopping by reading and commenting on my humble page! I do agree that it could have been better. It was a bit of a stretch for me to accept the fact that (SPOILER ALERT)…………that she would accept him back 3 diff times after so long between….unequivocally. Thanks for the comment sir!!


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