It’s “Time to Vote Tuesday!” 40

Welcome back to another fun session of “Time to Vote Tuesday!” The session of fun weekly polls which spark thought, debate, and intrigue! Last week’s voting opportunity entitled “One Ring To Rule Them All” has now closed. Click HERE to see the results of last week’s poll!  Thank you to all of you that voted! On to the next fun weekly poll.

Battle: Los Angeles completely demolished the box office this past weekend! Apparently people REALLY love alien invasion flicks! Did you see it, yet?

Ah, Invasion films…some of us like seeing aliens, or zombies, or robots, or just weird mutated animals invading earth. Humanity vs the unnatural. Which type of flick is a guilty pleasure of yours? Today I ask you…

Several more invasion flicks are rumored to be on the way to cinemas in the next few years. Including, but not limited to, Resident Evil 5, How to Survive a Robot Uprising, Robocalypse, Men In Black 3, Zombieland 2, Predators 2, and many more! Keep your eyes and ears pealed and your shotgun loaded!

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!


***Bonus Box Office New Release Prediction Poll (Poll closes Fri morning):

Let’s see who gets it right this week!!!


  1. Zombie invasion duh! While alien movies are pretty cool, they won’t prepare for the real thing coming next year. I highly recommend watching zombie movies as part of your preparation for 2012.


  2. I voted for Alien invasion! Well in the movies of course 🙂 But I’m w/ Julian in that it’s not exactly my favorite genre, though there are good movies within it that I like.

    I’m not excited for anything this wknd, was looking forward to Paul but the reviews dissuaded me (I’ll email you separately about this actually).


    • haha, the thing I like about invasion movies is that it gives a sense of togetherness for most of humanity. it’s too bad that tragedy is the only thing that seems to make that happen.


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