Desert Island CD Challenge!!

(FYI- This is a longer post with several videos!)


In fashion of taking a little break from movie reviews, I have decided to answer a challenge put forth by my friend, Castor, over at Anomalous Material. A challenge was issued out to several movie bloggers and enthusiasts to develop a “Desert Island CD.”  The concept is very simple, you are stranded on a desert island with only one CD (and a CD player etc…). What are 12 tracks that you would want to have with you? While those can be pop song, instrumentals etc… we are all movie bloggers so there is one requirement that each track comes from a movie soundtrack. Visit the very fun and imaginative post HERE! Don’t miss it!

I LOVE movie soundtracks. Music is the one true way the emotion is conveyed to an audience. Even before there was voice in movies, there was music! Such a vital piece of any movie and I have so many favorite soundtracks. If I had to choose 12 tracks for my “Desert Island CD” which would I choose? hmm….

(SOME vids must be watched on YouTube itself. It’s frustrating that certain vids can only be played there!!!!)

1. Hook– Main Theme by John Williams (My current ringback tone when one calls my cell phone! It has been this for almost two years straight!)

2. AvatarMain Theme by James Horner (Fitting…if I’m on an island of adventure, to have this exciting track on my cd! Hopefully the island I am deserted on is Pandora! That’d be sweet!)

3. Top GunHighway to the Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins (I don’t normally enjoy very many soundtracks with vocal tracks, but Top Gun is a classic to enjoy!!!)

4. Moulin Rouge “Come What May” with Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor (I like so many songs from this musical, it’s really hard to pick, but I’d choose this one! I also really love “Your Song” and “Roxanne” but the emotion in this one and this scene really amounts to so much!….just the first portion until 3:05 really!)

5. Batman Begins“Molossus” by Hans Zimmer and James Horner (This main theme packs so much action into it without even having to see a single clip! HAVE to love the excitement in this theme!)

6. Jurassic ParkEnd theme by John Williams (EVERYONE recognizes and knows this theme!! I can’t go around anywhere whistling it without someone calling out “JURASSIC PARK!!” I love the other main theme as well, but this one is my fav! Hopefully I won’t run into any velociraptors on this desert island!) 🙂

7. Star Wars“Duel of the Fates” by John Williams (I am a Star Wars fan and this track and recurring theme is one of the best ever created! Enjoy the little clips of lightsaber fighting put together to this track! I would need this while trapped on an island as my “hunting for food” song!)

8. Pirates of the Caribbean“Main Theme” by Hans Zimmer (I would choose this if I had to be on an island and survive, much like Captain Jack Sparrow. A lot of motifs in this soundtrack are also used in Gladiator‘s soundtrack -another great one- , so given the option between the two…I choose POTC.)

9. Requiem for a Dream“Main Theme” by Clint Mansell and Kronos Quartet (I’ve never watched the film, but I enjoy this track and hear it often. Sounds very gripping, emotional, dark, trippy, and intriguing! I like it!)

10. James BondAwesome Main Theme by the late John Barry (Thank you John Barry for this world-renowned theme song. I often hum this tune as I stealthily move about on my shopping mission at Wal-mart! -that, and Mission Impossible– So, 007’s theme is a MUST HAVE on a desert island!

11. Saving Private Ryan “Hymn to the Fallen” by John Williams (War movies often have the best soundtracks ever!)

12.  Forrest GumpMain title by Alan Silvestri (If I was stranded on a desert island, I would need a tune that reminded me of much simpler, easier, and happy times. Silvestri’s theme for Forrest Gump is that tune! You can’t help by smile and reminisce when listening to it. Having a bad day? Listen to this track!)

There are SO many great soundtracks! Narrowing it down to just 12 tracks alone was indeed a hard task! But, there you have it! TheScarletSp1der‘s Desert Island CD!  (I know, I know…there’s no Lord of the Rings on my list….but, hey, it’s MY list! I like LOTR, I just like these more! You can only pick 12! What tracks would make it to your cd?)

Thank you, Castor, for the challenge and opportunity to share! Be sure to visit for other movie enthusiasts’ Desert Island CDs. Perhaps a “Master CD” will be created after all of the submissions are made! You can visit directly here—————————->DESERT ISLAND CD. It is a very fun post stating that all of us movie enthusiasts were on a plane together that did indeed wreck! Hope they all chose good tracks!! 🙂

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!


up next: review for Limitless


  1. So…your name is Terrence…for now on, can I just call you Terrence instead of SS? 😉

    Wow…you really into instrumental. I know all the movie, but all I remember is the soundtrack with someone’s voice in it, like take my breath away from Top Gun.

    If I just instrumental, songs from Okuribito will be in my CD


    • haha, I prefer you just refer to me as “T” if you don’t like to use “Scarlet” or “TheScarletSp1der” haha. You made me laugh!
      Yes, I love instrumental soundtracks a lot! I do not know Okuribito, but I will check it out! Thanks for sharing and stopping by!


      • T it is 🙂 Hehe I like calling people by their name.

        It was a music by Joe Hishashi, so far i haven’t heard any bad music by him.
        Let me know if you finally hear it.


  2. Wow, just wow! You had me at Hook then I fell in love with everyone of your selections.

    Especially great calls on Jurassic Park, 007 and my favorite of all here is Danger Zone. I know what I’m watching tonight:)


  3. Great CD you got there Sp1der! “Hymn to the Fallen” is such a powerful song and it could easily have my 12. I see we have “Molossus” in common and definitely LOVE the Jurassic Park end song. Almost regret I didn’t put it on my CD.

    And don’t judge, I strongly considered putting Berlin “Don’t Take My Breath Away” (Top Gun) in my list ahah 😉


  4. Great list,
    Lots of classics on there!
    I’m glad to see the James Bond theme mentioned, that and the Mission Impossible one are the best spy themes ever.
    A lot of John Williams and Hans Zimmer on your list, I’m not complaining though, they are both great!


    • Hello Jack! welcome to TheScarletSp1der’s Web!!!! Thanks for commenting!

      Yes, guilty as charged….I have a high preference for the music of Williams and Zimmer! Amazing scores! Glad that you like the CD I put together!


  5. Awesome list, T. Mine just went up seconds ago and Jurassic Park was one of the hardest for me to cut out. Glad we shared Molossus (same with Castor, too!), that’s one of my fave tracks from the movie!

    It’s cool that you have all soundtracks here, I have all but one movie music on my list and you might be familiar with song #12. Last but definitely not least.


    • Jurassic Park is OUT?! I def will have to go check it out right now!! Better be great choices to kick JP out! Or else I’m sending some dayquil up your way! 😀

      I absolutely love soundtracks. I’ve said before, but, all I listen to mainly on Pandora Internet Radio, are stations dedicated to the likes of John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, and more…as is evident from my movie score choices I imagine! 🙂


  6. If I went for Moulin Rouge I’d go for EL TANGO DEL ROXANNE ( or whatever haha ) It’s so amazing.. Tango on a desert island sounds pretty cool too !

    Also being on Pandora would be the shizzle.


    • OH! a Tango on a deserted island! I like that idea. Only….who’s the dance partner? 🙂

      Glad u agree about crashing on Pandora! That be siiicckkk!!

      thanks for stopping by, please visit again!


  7. Been listening to that Requiem track an awful lot lately…even if I can’t stomach that brilliant-yet-upsetting film again.

    Along with that you have some of my favorite tracks from my favorite scores represented nicely here. Welldone!


  8. Nice picks! You had a lot more soundtracks which I love. I too haven’t seen Requiem, but it’s on my DVR so hopefully the music will have more meaning for me soon. I’m playing it as I’m reading your list here.


  9. I think it’s great that you went a slightly different route and picked a lot of scores instead of songs with words. Although the theme from “Requiem for a Dream” would make me want to drown myself because it’s so bleak and beautiful.

    And high fives and a$$ slaps for including “Highway to the Danger Zone”!


    • thanks! haha. yes, I thoroughly enjoy musical scores so much! and, you’re right, Requiem for a Dream is rather bleak, but I still like it! haha.

      and…just gotta have Highway to the Danger Zone! I see that you also have great taste then! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


    • I must echo mcarter – putting Top Gun on here was a bada$$ move, and though I tried not to go too score-heavy, the ones you chose are solid. You can never go wrong with John Williams – that Hook score is so playful.

      Props for Duel of the Fates, too.


      • thanks Fletch! Welcome to TheScarletSp1der’s web!!! Top Gun is a MUST HAVE for me, but Hook is my absolute fav! I had a lot of fun putting this together and love the cd!!

        Appreciate the props!!


  10. Dude,

    if you have never watched them, watch A Fist Full of Dollars, For few Dollars More and The Good, THe Bad and the Ugly. They all have some of Ennio Morricone’s work. Especially The Good The Bad and the Ugly. Just youtube search it!

    The Dirty Harry soundtracks have a really cool jazzy type soundtrack from Lalo Schifrin.

    Bravehearts soundtrack is one of my favorites. The last 20 minutes of the film wouldn’t be the same with out it.

    As you posted, Fight Clubs soundtrack is awesome. The Dust Brothers should be proud.


  11. Great list here T! Top Gun is a classic soundtrack, and The Breakfast Club. Classics 80s stuff!

    Love your score choices. Jurassic Park’s theme never fails to send chills down my spine. It just takes me back to that moment when I first saw the film in the cinema. Jut magic!

    Duel of Fates – brilliant. Love it. And POTC gets some love too! A fantastic soundtrack from Klaus Bedalt.

    Just thinking how on earth I’d choose just a few tracks! I think I’d have to have something from Drive – it’s just so damn cool – Nightcall by Krasinsky. Gladiator – The Battle, Hanna – Escape 700. Inception – Time (starts the waterworks!). Mission Impossible 2 – Injection (Honestly, a much better score than the film ever was.). Romeo + Juliet – When Dove Cry (love this version of the song). The Dark Knight – Watch the World Burn (dark and moody, love it).

    Can i have some more space on my disc? Hehe.


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