Sucker Punch Knocks Itself Out!

Sucker Punch, starring the likes of Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Vanessa Hudgens, and more, tells a rather colorful story of girls locked in a mental institution and their struggle to break free from the problems and persecution that entangle and snare them. Director Zack Snyder delivers his tale in a mode of duality which switches back and forth between reality and the psychological worlds created in the minds of the heroines. Snyder chooses this unique manner of epic storytelling in order for the audience to accomplish a grasp on the feelings, experiences, and sense of mental anquish/drama that the girls battle through. You really should watch the featurette below in order to have a better understanding of the premise for the film than what the short trailers on tv have given so far!

The touch of Zack Snyder can be seen all over this film and does nothing but increase the level of impatience felt as we must await Superman: Man of Steel to release in December of 2012. As Sucker Punch began, I could not help but think back to Watchmen as a musical montage is once again used to tell us a gripping story in the first few minutes of the film! Style, screenplay, and storytelling….all three big staples of the Snyder way! No points though for any originality that strays away from his unique usual. Sucker Punch is a film that is absolutely amazing visually!

Other than the eye candy that it is meant to be, though,..there is nothing else sweet about this sucker! The girls, the action scenes, the cinematography, and the blending of different movies/scenarios to make one film (Scenarios from Lord of the Rings, Saving Private Ryan, Tron, and such like), all of the visual presentation in Sucker Punch packs a wallop that is rather enjoyable. Fanboys of all ages will enjoy the fight scenes, girls with guns, battle music, and slow motion kicks, dodges, and dives. BUT…all that wonderful-ness, if you will, aside….Does Sucker Punch bring anything else to the table along the same lines as director Zack Snyder’s other works like 300, Watchmen, Dawn of the Dead, or Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole? Unfortunately, the answer is…’No.”

This presentation of epic proportions is laced with bad acting, numerous plot holes, confusing sequences of events, unfinished storylines, and a build up to an ending that never truly comes to fruition. Come the end of it all, one might find themself more confused than they were at the end of Christopher Nolan’s amazing film, Inception! Several events that happen in the film leave much to be desired and, unfortunately, the action does not quite make up for it. Carla Gugino and Jon Hamm had just the right amount of screen time and performance that they added very nicely to the plot. The opposite, though, must be stated about Oscar Isaac who overbearingly plays the annoying head “jailor” (if you will) by the name of Blue Jones. Aside from the main lead female characters, the one who is the most entertaining of all is Scott Glenn as the Wise Man.

The action is amazing and non-stop in the world created by the girls, but as the action goes on, one realizes that there is no movement or real closure to the actual true story in reality that is at hand. Come the end, the viewer will come to realize that the true tragedy of the film is the fact of being suckerpunched into forking out the moolah to go see the film. If not for the 4 or 5 sequences that take place in (but don’t take place in) the alternate reality of the girls….this movie would make absolutely no sense and have no direction or closure. It would be basically pointless. Unfortunately.

Go See Sucker Punch if you want to enjoy the visual feast that your eyes will have to dine upon. (Vanessa Hudgens still has some work to do to impress me on the big screen!) The explosions, the action, the adrenaline….it’s all pretty amazing to watch! You don’t even mind the copying from other films (Snyder’s or otherwise), but ultimately, when you come off of the action and visually-entrancing high, you will find that the story has one of the biggest buildups and biggest letdowns of all. Perhaps that was the intent of the title overall. Introduce you to some level of tragedy and the battle to overcome it, but then…..oop, sorry. No complete ending for you! ha!

Sucker Punch..a film that was in contention (for me) as possibly one of the better movies of 2011…..well, Sucker Punch just knocked itself out of the running!

But, You don’t have to take MY word for it. Hear it straight from the “First Fans” interviewed by my friend Casey Messer with Hollywood Dailies!

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy if you wish…or don’t enjoy! Happy Watching!

TheSp1der’s Score2.5 out of 5 stars for “Sucker Punch” 

up next: “Trailer Time…Friday!” 🙂


  1. Wow, you’ve been busy eh T? Three reviews in one day!!

    Well, your review pretty much confirm what I think the movie is about… all eye candy with all kinds of slo-mo known to man on display. I sure hope Nolan would be able to rein him in on his overly-stylized visual on Superman and actually focus more on a good script and good performances. I know Cavill can act but he can only do so much if the script and direction is subpar. Great review, man!


    • I’m glad I could get the review up in time for you to read it. I kept thinking today…Ruth is an hr ahead of me…I gotta get the review so she can read it on time! LOL. NOW I can go visit everyone’s websites before finishing Trailer time…friday! 🙂


    • Ipodman! Welcome to the ScarletSp1der’s Web! Thanks for sticking around! there’s just nothing else to say about this movie than what you said…..”quite bad”….with the exception of the visual aspects of the film. Snyder always succeeds there! Thanks for commenting! Any thoughts on his Superman project?


      • Well… honestly I’m starting to fear for the Superman movie because if Zack Snyder keeps doing what he does, it’s going to be the same whole thing again.. slo-mo, 950 degree camera spinning and all…


    • Eye doubt! Emily Browning looks amazing! but, yes, dvd or netflix would be a smarter way to go…unless perhaps your friends pay for you to go…along with the popcorn and soda! 🙂


  2. Lol, it was bound to happen sooner or later, but gotta disagree with you here 🙂 Agree about Scott Glenn and Vanessa Hudgens, though!

    Thought the movie was much more layered than people are giving it credit for. And I would have to say: if you don’t see this on the big screen, don’t bother (unless you have a kick-a$$ big screen and sound system) – this movie wasn’t made for a TV screen! 😉

    Good review, but gotta disagree – definitely seeing this movie several more times in theatres! 🙂


  3. I cannot even begin to understand the hatred that radiates from this movie. Is it the slightly fetishized visual of the story being told or the fact that it dares to take itself seriously while also containing samurai schoolgirls and steampunk nazis?

    Accepting all the criticism it receives it still takes WAY to many low-blows in ‘me-too’ reviews that regurgitate the same points as successful reviewers.

    For the sake of argument let’s say that the sexualization WAS tasteless and that the story WAS confusing, neither of which I think are particularly true, that still leaves huge gaps in what make this movie the next Waterworld to people.

    It contains likable, if archetypal, characters, actions scenes unlike any other you have seen, including Snyder’s other works, and a visual and storytelling aesthetic that should be praised if ONLY for the fact that it is not afraid to step out of the ordinary.


    • thanks for the perspective! but we’ll have to agree to disagree! It wasn’t that far out of the ordinary when it comes to Snyder, the characters weren’t developed enough to be likeable, and the story leaves more open holes than a slice of swiss cheese!

      I will give it up for the visual effects of the film. As I said, the visual feast for the eyes is absolutely amazing and quite video-game-ish! enjoyable visual scenes, but other than that, Sucker Punch put itself out there to be the punching bag that it is for reviewers and enthusiasts. No effectual usage of the likes of Carla Gugino, Jon Hamm, etc. And it tries to blend seriousness and surrealness unsuccessfully.

      no hatred towards this movie….it’s just fact. I applaud Snyder for daring to do something different than he has done in the past…..oh, wait………he didn’t. 😉


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