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In case you didn’t know….I am still on a much needed vacation and will be online very little this week!  But…have no fear! A few regular readers that stick to “My Web” have volunteered their opinions, talents, and skills to ensure that there would still be some great reading material this week for you all.

So, continuing on with a few amazing Guest Posts here is my friend TheSilkSpectre‘s contribution! Be sure to show some love. Enjoy!

Visually Spectactular Movies Worth Watching in Theaters -by TheSilkSpectre

The movie Sucker Punch has been pretty universally panned by critics, including our friendly neighborhood Scarletsp1der. In fact, it currently only has a 40% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I think, however, that critics have a tendency to forget that movies are not all about awards and prestige. Some of them are simply about having fun and looking good doing it! 

Lots of people (again, our great reviewer Scarletsp1der included) say to skip going to the theater for Sucker Punch, and other movies like it, but in my opinion, these are exactly the kind of movies that theaters were made for! It’s about the communal experience (a reason you should always watch comedies at the theater) and for some killer special effects that will never look as good at home (unless you have a theater in your own house, in which case, lucky you). So, in honor of Sucker Punch, I have compiled a list of movies that are all about special effects and great cinematography, and that will never be as good as they are when you see them at a theater.

**(Simply put, there is no way to really speak to some of the special effect scenes of the movies listed without some possible included spoilers. Please be warned….if you haven’t seen the film referenced, this post may include spoilers)

“Theater-Must-See” Pick #1Let’s start off with the movie that inspired this article. Sucker Punch is supposed to be about a young girl whose stepfather puts her into a mental institution. What it’s really about is  five cute girls in tight clothing kicking some serious %#@ (you-know-what)! Yes, the plot is severely lacking; Yes, most of the actresses can’t act, and Yes, they gave director Zack Snyder entirely too much control over the movie, but……it’s a ton of fun anyway! The costumes and set design are beautiful. Snyder made even a drab mental institution look impressive and amazing. A lot of thought was put into how the movie should look, and they successfully did a great job on it.

Must See/Don’t Miss Scene: The dragon/fire scene. As a huge sci-fi/fantasy fan, nothing grabs my attention like dragons, and the one in this movie was superbly animated. It looked as realistic as a dragon can, and I tried not to blink because of the magnificence of its flight.

“Theater-Must-See” Pick #2Another recent film that should have been watched in theaters was Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World. I’ll admit, I missed this one when it came to theaters, and I really wish I had seen it there. While it was fun on my TV, it would have been so much better if I had a larger audience to interact with, and the special effects would have been way more impressive on the big screen. Although I enjoyed the film, I find myself wishing that I had caught it on a giant screen for a much better viewing experience. Again, the plot is not that great (Boy has to fight all of the exes of the girl he wants to date), while unique, it is very strange. But the fight scenes are spectacular.

Must See/Don’t Miss Scene: The final battle! It was a crazy combination of movies and video games, that was silly and serious at the same time. The fight sequence was definitely the point where I really wished I was in a theater seat instead of on my couch. (Thanks, ScarletSp1der for inviting me to go with!! <insert sarcasm>)! 😀

“Theater-Must-See” Pick #3There is almost no good thing that I can say about Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen personally except that I did watch it in a movie theater for only three dollars! I hated the plot, and found none of the characters to be relatable to. But man, did the Autobots look good on a giant screen! Seeing them transform and fight was the only redeeming feature I could find!!

Must See/Don’t Miss Scene: The scene where Optimus Prime dies. He takes on a ton of Decepticons while running through the forest. Not gonna lie, even though I dislike the movie, this scene took my breath away. The way the Autobots transform is always fun to see, and the fighting was great, but the way that they even had the Autobots interacting with the trees was what really made it for me.

“Theater-Must-See” Pick #4And just for fun, a movie that had a great plot, amazing visuals, which was made better if you saw it in theaters. Moulin Rouge! Moulin Rouge is one of my favorite movies of all time. The story is great (even if it has been done before), Christian falls in love with Satine, an exotic dancer, who is, unfortunately, dying. All set in the amazing underworld of the Moulin Rouge! The set and costumes were spectacular, and the the choreography really drew it all together!

Must See/Don’t Miss Scene: Unfortunately, it’s impossible for me to just pick one scene, so I went with two. The first one is “The Tango de Roxanne.” First of all, the song is amazing, and covered quite competently by Jacek Koman and Ewan McGregor, but what really makes it great is the choreography. There are about twenty sets of couples, all dancing in time. Even though I’ve seen this movie many times, this scene always has me glued to the screen. The second scene is probably the prettiest one in the movie,  the performance of the play they have been working on throughout the movie. The final performance scene! The set is amazing, and  the costumes extravagant, all of which is heightened by the music and choreography. The scope of it is quite stunning, and is definitely the highlight of the movie. (Click the yellow links above to see the clips).

Movies are designed to be communal experiences. You’re supposed to enjoy them with the company of others, the more, the better. To truly appreciate a movie as it was intended to be, you have to go to the movie theater. In some cases, such as the ones listed above (except Moulin Rouge), just about the only way to enjoy them is on the big screen. 

Which “Theater-Must-See” movies are on your list? Ones that should be seen on the big screen solely for the effects, but that lose a bit of their charm once shown at home?

Thanks for reading! –TheSilkSpectre

TheScarletSp1der’s “Theater Must See” picks that were MUCH better on big screen visually instead of at home: Peter Jackson’s King Kong, The Matrix: Reloaded AND Revolutions, and Avatar: The Last Airbender.



  1. SilkSpectre! This is a great article! It’s true that the visual elements of Sucker Punch give the movie great creedence when it comes to a reason to see it on the big screen.

    Can I just say that I’m glad Moulin Rouge is on this list! One of my fav movies as well. We see eye to eye on that one!

    Thanks for this great post!


  2. Great post SilkSpectre! SuckerPunch, Scott Pilgrim, and Transformers all have great visual effects that absolutely must be seen in theaters to truly appreciate and all three of them absolutely FAIL to deliver their stories well. SuckerPunch begins telling one story and switches by the end leaving you wondering what the heck happened. Transformers had a decent story that they butchered by throwing in a ton of junk that needed not be in the movie at all. Scott Pilgrim really just came up with a concept of a story and left it at that. I will tell you, as anyone who knows me will as well, that I absolutely HATED Scott Pilgrim!!! However, if one must see the movie, the theater is the ONLY place worth watching it.


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